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Anime Studios - PRODUCTION I.G
List creator: hamano
Created on: October 20, 2003 - 7:08 AM PDT
Description: Production I.G was Tarantino's choice for the anime sequence in Kill Bill. I.G has been involved in the making of some notable anime features as well as OVAs.

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movie title related
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Patlabor 1 (1989)
Not Rated
  1989 I.G began collaborating with Headgear on some of the first set of Patlabor OVAs. They supported the production of this, the first Patlabor Movie.
The Heroic Legend of Arslan (Disc 2 of 2) (1991)
Not Rated
  1991 THE AGE OF HEROES segment was originally a theatrical release that I.G worked on.
Video Girl Ai (2001)
  1992 This is one of the anime old-timer favorites. An AV girl comes to life and makes life better for our geeky male lead. Very cute and sweet. Major fan service!
Patlabor 2 (1993)
Not Rated
  1993 I.G became the principal production house for the second Patlabor movie.
Please Save My Earth (2000)
Not Rated
  1993 OVA series based on cult comics classic. Suffers from trying to cram a long story into OVA length. They effectively tell only the first half of the story, then summarize the rest slide-show style at the end. Beautiful music from Kanno and Mizoguchi.
Dragon Half (2002)
  1993 Super Deformed fantasy comedy starring the voice of Kotono Mitsuishi (Sailor Moon, Excel, Mireille from Noir). Don't miss her ED song about her omelet, set to themes by Beethoven.
Blue Seed Perfect Collection Vol. 1: The Nightmare Begins (1995)
Not Rated
  1994 First major TV show gig. Complete list.
Ghost in the Shell (1996)
Not Rated
  1995 A lot of American anime fans got hooked by this and Akira. However, it preserves very little of manga creator Shirow's cute/sexy character designs and replaces it with morose Oshii philosophizing.
Blue Seed Beyond: Invasion From Within (2003)
  1996 OVA followup to the Blue Seed TV series.
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth (1997)
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion (1997)
Not Rated
  1997 I.G worked with GAINAX to bring these two EVA projects to theaters.
FLCL (Fooly Cooly) Vol. 1 (2000)
Not Rated
  2000 I.G works with GAINAX again, as the principle production house for this masterpiece.
Blood: The Last Vampire (2001)
Not Rated
  2000 Over-hyped showcase project now sold for less than 9 bucks online. Good production but where's the story?
Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade (1998)
Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade (Bonus Disc) (1998)
  2000 My favorite Oshii related movie. Is it because he left the directing to someone else, or because of the haunting Hajime Mizoguchi score? The focus is on the human condition, with characters you come to care about.
Sakura Wars: The Movie (2003)
  2001 A movie entry in the popular TV, Video, and RPG game franchise. Very high production values, not much story (especially for my favorite character, Maria).
Kai Doh Maru
  2001 Like Blood: The Last Vampire, this short feels more like a storyboard than a complete film. Graphically, it's some sort of milestone, and the music's great, but again, where's the story?
Minipato - Digital Paper Puppet Theater (2003)
  2002 The Patlabor WXIII Movie (Headgear/Madhouse) was released here with this bonus disc, which is much better viewing for old Patlabor fans like me. State of the art simulated CG puppetry! Lots of references to previous Patlabor stuff! An Oshii dog!
Mao-Chan Vol. 1: I Will Protect the Peace of Japan!
  2002 This almost unbearably cute show is being marketed as a series for kids, but in Japan it was a very-late-night adult anime program aimed at fans of "Upbringing" sim PC games. You can buy the Play Station game and train Mao-chan yourself!

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