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Member Lists

Sacred Cow Films
List creator: GMatthews
Created on: October 27, 2003 - 6:58 AM PST
Description: Thought provoking movies with substance & a few humorous ones.

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The Spanish Prisoner (1997)
  (David Mamet) - really loved this con-artists out conning each other
Sex and Lucia (2001)
Not Rated
  (Julio Medem) spanish - beautiful story, beautiful cinematography. Three fluidly told stories combine paths.
Talk to Her (2002)
  (Pedro Almodovar) spanish - beautiful story. A lonely hospital employee who has devoted his life to taking care of a beautiful young dancer who is in a coma. Meanwhile, a female bullfighter wends her way through a tumultuous relationship.
Party Girl (1995)
  CLASSIC Parker Posey - light and fun! This is what Clueless wanted to be. Not California - NYC. Not high school - singles life college age and beyond.
Personal Velocity (2001)
  Parker Posey's in this. 3 separate stories about 3 women and the problems they each overcome - an abusive husband; a dull life going nowhere; an encounter with a teenage runaway.
Absolutely Fabulous: Series 1 (1992)
Not Rated
  HILARIOUS! British. Spend several episodes with 2 women, once hippies, now total burnouts and in the fashion industry in England. Laugh at their whacky schemes and cigarette laden discussions.
Crooklyn (1994)
  (Spike Lee) - semi-autobiographical. Loved this one. See Brooklyn in the 70's from the perspective of Spike Lee's sister as a young girl. Upbeat. Great funk music!
House of Games (1987)
  (David Mamet) - more intrigue by Mamet
My Wife is an Actress (2001)
  Not bad for a french film! DOH! No really...the french may know about love in real life, but in film they are usually wayyyy too sappy. This one brings to light a young married couple - she an actress, he a director. He struggles with jealousy.
Amateur (1994)
  (Hal Hartley) - one of my fav directors
Genghis Blues (1999)
  american - documentary. A blind man in the States teaches HIMSELF how to throat sing Tuvan style and decides to go to this obscure place to refine his talents. The Tuvans are utterly shocked and impressed by him.
State and Main (2000)
  (David Mamet) - pretty light for Mamet. Sarah Jess Parker. A film crew takes over a small New England town and craziness ensues.
Burnt by the Sun (1994)
  russian - happy/sad. A father spends his last few hours with his family before he is called to duty by the army. His little girl is adorable and they try and spend some time together in these few precious hours.
Heist (2001)
  (David Mamet) - more Mamet style
Three Colors: Blue (1993)
  Polish - great story. See all three: red, white, blue
Three Colors: White (1994)
Three Colors: Red (1994)
25th Hour (2002)
  (Spike Lee) - heavy heavy. A sort of tribute to NYC, tho that's not the movie's overt intention. A drug dealer spends his last 25 hours preparing for serious jail time. A quiet, subtle movie, but very moving.
Illuminata (1998)
  (John Turturro) - surrealish. People in a theatrical company show their eccentric ways behind the scenes. A "trying to save the theatre" thing. Sort of cliche, but beautiful cinematography.
Rounders (1998)
  Cards and gambling - yes! Matt Damon plays a law student with a slight card gambling problem - but is it a problem if you win? John Malkovich plays Teddy KGB, his best character ever.
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)
  You've seen this, but it's gotta be on my list....
Absolutely Fabulous - Bonus Disc: Gorgeous Little Things (1992)
Not Rated
  HILARIOUS! British (see above for premise of show)
Absolutely Fabulous: Series 2 (1992)
Not Rated
  HILARIOUS! British (see above for premise of show)
Absolutely Fabulous: Series 3 (1992)
Not Rated
  HILARIOUS! British (see above for premise of show)
Absolutely Fabulous - Series 4 (Disc 1 of 2) (2001)
  HILARIOUS! British (see above for premise of show)
The House of Yes (1997)
Ma Vie En Rose (1997)
  A little french boy convinced that when he grows up he'll be a woman. Set in a modern, but 50's style french suburbs, this causes much grief for the boys family. Filled with dream sequences. Movie has an overall good feel - not overly serious.
Almost Famous (Original Theatrical Version) (2000)
Short Cuts (Criterion Collection) (1993)
Laurel Canyon (2002)
  Frances McDormand and Allesandro Novella are AWESOME. You'll never believe that he's not british... Fran plays a rich music producer who leads the life out in exclusive Laurel Canyon, CA. Her straight-laced son comes to visit with his fiance.
Down by Law (Criterion Collection) (1986)
  Tom Waits. Breaking out of jail. Backwoods South. What more can I say? It's hip, not squeel-like-a-pig type or anything.
Intacto (2001)
  This movie is really cool. The writers said they wanted to create a film with universal appeal, and they did. Set in a world where luck is a not a matter of fate, but rather a skill. People who are lucky have the ability to "steal" other people's luck.

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