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Member Lists

Fan-Service Animes
List creator: NLee
Created on: November 25, 2003 - 9:13 AM PST
Description: {Fan-Service: brief nudity or panty-shots inserted in an anime as a "service" for fans} Here are some examples for animes with excessive fan-services - good for horny guys looking to step-up from "The Man Show".

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Agent Aika - Naked Missions (1998)
  The ultimate fan-service anime. Panty-shot everywhere. Moral of the story: it's great to be a really short camera man. SWEEET! (doing my South Park impression)
Najica Blitz Tactics Vol. 1 (2001)
  From the same crew that brought you Agent Aika. This time they give you... more panty shots! Too bad the fan-service is toned down a notch, and Najica is just not as HOT as Aika.
New Cutey Honey - Collection One (1994)
  "Look! Honey-chan is going to change now!" The best Magical Girl Transformation show for big boys. Check out the really dumb cosplay in bonus material. How can one take the story seriously when it took place in "Cosplay City"?
Sakura Diaries Vol. 1 (2000)
Not Rated
  Based on an Ujin manga with gorgeous looking school girls in short skirts. Plenty of fan service and (non-explicit) sexual situations to keep a guy happy. See the Collector's Edition if you want more.
I Dream of Mimi (2001)
  "Master, how did your installer become so BIG?" With lots of hardware- and software-related sexual humor, this anime (aka "Buttobi CPU") is a computer nerd's wet dream come true. Anybody else noticed the reference to 640KB RAM?
Golden Boy Vol. 1: Treasure Hunt (2002)
  Enough close-up shots of huge breasts going "Boing Boing" to make you dizzy. But the stories are surprisingly witty and heart-warming. Kintaro, you are my hero! Don't miss vol.2.
Burn Up Excess Vol. 1: To Serve and Protect! (2002)
Not Rated
  Want to know what's a "jiggle counter"? Go to the special-feature seccion on this DVD and find out for yourself.
Knights of Ramune: Complete Series (2000)
  Life must be rough for Cacao and Parfait. They can only use their psychic power when sexually aroused, but they are supposed to be Holy Virgins! Parfait looks like Lina Inverse with implants. Good thing there's no gravity in space.
Ikki-Tousen vol. 1: Legendary Fighter (2003)
Not Rated
  Lots of panty-shots and melon-shaped breasts bouncing around. Too bad you have to wait until the "Hot-Spring" episode in vol.3 to see any nipples.
Gravion Vol. 3: Upgrade (2004)
Not Rated
  Check out Mizuki's 42-inch G-cup boobs. Maybe that's why the Japanese title can also be translated to mean "Overly Heavy God(dess)"?
Dangaizer 3 Vol. 1
  Voluptuous girls in skimpy outfits as mankind's last hope against an ancient nemesis. The animation is excellent, and it is fun to watch those "Cutey Honey" style transformation sequences.
Voogie's Angel (1997)
Not Rated
  Voluptuous girls in skimpy outfits as mankind's last hope against alien invaders. Hey, is there an echo in here?
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer: Rounds 1 & 2 (1996)
  Voluptuous girls in skimpy outfits... Oh never mind with the story. It is incredibly dumb. The animation is jerky, too. But don't miss the close-up shot of a humongous nipple in the shower scene.
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue vol. 1: Initiation (2004)
Not Rated
  When duty calls... the girls strip down to their revealing uniforms! How do those 'techno-panties' stay in place? Inquiry minds want to know.
DNA2 Vol. 1: Metamorphosis (2002)
Not Rated
  Masakazu Katsura's disappointing follow-up to his wonderful Video Girl Ai. Too much fan-service can be a bad thing... Wait, did I actually say that?
Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:8 (1995)
Not Rated
  Okay, this one is definitely NOT a fan-service anime. But how come Masato (girl on the cover) keeps on promising "I'll show you more fan-service next time" in the preview for next episode? ^_^

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