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Member Lists

New Asian Horror
List creator: IWhitney
Created on: January 28, 2004 - 12:08 PM PST
Description: A list of films mentioned in the primer on New Aisan Horror. I thought this would make them easier to rent.

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Organ (1996)
  Detectives hot on the trail of an organ smuggling operation enter a world of hallucinatory and incomprehensible horrors. Graphic and artsy.
Fudoh: The New Generation (1996)
Not Rated
  Takashi Miike creates a band of extremely unique assassins who resist the Yakuza and wreak their own kind of vengeance. Not for the squemish.
Cure (1997)
  A Detective and Psychologist pursue a string of killings which are linked by memory loss and mutilations. Artful and complex, this is a film for the thinking horror fan.
Ringu (1998)
Not Rated
  Arguably the film that started it all; a haunted video tape damns viewers to death and reveals the secrets behind a girl's tragic death. Big on scares, short on gore.
Parasite Eve (1997)
Not Rated
  Horrific science fiction film that posits mutant mitochondria can destroy thier hosts. Close to Cronenberg and more heady the some other Asian shockers. Yes, it is based on the video game.
Bio Zombie (2001)
Not Rated
  Japanese slackers Woody Invincible and Crazy Bee face off against a small army of walking dead who are fueled by the contaminated softdrink Lucozade. You'll laugh, you'll shriek.
Chaos (1999)
Not Rated
  Directed by Hideo Nakata of Ring fame, this one concerns a kidnapping gone awry. A psycholgical thriller which explores the guilt-ridden breakdown of a criminal plot.
Junk (1999)
Not Rated
  Bullets, blood and zombies. Face paced zombies-on-the-loose movie which dismantles all of "the rules" of zombie movies. Great double feature with "28 Days Later"
Audition (1999)
Not Rated
  Takashi Miike's deceptively subdued film about an obsessive relationship that goes brutally wrong. This one makes "Fatal Attraction" look like a Merchant-Ivory film.
Memento Mori (2000)
  Korean film in the "Ring" vein: a haunted diary that dooms its readers to death. More sympathetic than its hack and slash beathren from across the Pacific.
Victim (1999)
  Ringo Lam thriiller with a supernatural angle -- has a killer come back from the dead to manipulate the police? A good keep-you-guessing film that should appeal to fans of "Seven" or other Ringo Lam movies.
Nang Nak (1999)
Not Rated
  Creepy and sincere Thai horror film which is inspired by a well-known folk story. A returning soldier finds much is not as it seems in his homeland. Fans of "Sixth Sense" will appreciate this beautiful movie.
Wild Zero (2000)
Not Rated
  Rock and roll faces off against evil space zombies! Japanese rockers Guitar Wolf are the world's only option to defeat an undead alien invasion.
Uzumaki (2000)
Not Rated
  A small Japanese town is cursed by the sudden arrival of inexplicable and maddening spirals. Slow and moody this takes a long time to an unnerving payoff.
Battle Royale (2001)
  A film immune to Hollywood remakes! Teenagers are stranded on an island and are forced to fight to live, last man standing style, until the the bloody resolution. Dark humor and kinetic violence abound.
Battle Royale (2001)
Battle Royale (Special Edition) (Bonus Disc) (2000)
Versus (Director's Cut) (2000)
Not Rated
  Time hopping tale of kidnapping, freedom, samuri, ninja and undead machine gun toting Yakuza. Intense, action-packed and graphic, this is one hell of a ride.
Versus (Bonus Disc) (2000)
Not Rated
  Features a short film that offers some more backstory, and the director's cut, which offers some extended action sequences and a little more explanation of the story.
Visitor Q (2001)
Not Rated
  Seriously dysfuntional family takes in an even more seriously dysfunctional visitor. Directed by Takishi Miike, this one features necrophillia and excessive lactation as only he could do it.
The Eye (2002)
  A young woman has a distinctive ability to see the undead. Directed by the Pang Brothers, this is an original and chilling take on an old theme.
Suicide Circle (2003)
Not Rated
  Japanese shocker which follows a Detective as he investigates a string of suicides among teenage girls. A smart rip at pop culture as well as a gut-punching horror film.

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