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Member Lists

Off the Beaten Laugh
List creator: Suphan
Created on: February 26, 2005 - 10:04 AM PST
Description: Comedy for those with a twisted sense of humor (or a primer thereof).

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Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)
Not Rated
  I know, it looks like another dumb comedy. You'll be surprised just how far they take the jokes though. I had no plan to see it, but I was bored. It pleasantly surprised me! Make sure to see the unrated version!
Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume 1 (Disc 1 of 2) (2000)
  Just rent'll be glad you did. I can't explain it. I won't try.
Baseketball (1998)
  Also from Trey and Matt. Almost as good as Orgazmo. Three thumbs up!
Better Off Dead (1985)
  This is the ultimate classic we all know and love.
Bottom: Series 1 (2003)
  Rik Mayall and Ade Edmonson from the Young Ones created these insane skits about two hapless freaks who can't ever get laid.
Brain Candy (1996)
  This isn't the same old Kids in the Hall skits...this is excellent satire. Somewhat disturbing as well, as it sheds a comedy blacklight on pharmaceutical companies.
Clerks (1994)
  A staple. Be sure to see all of Kevin Smith's catalogue: Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Animated Clerks, and Jay & SIlent Bob Strike Back.
Da Ali G Show: Season 1 (Disc 1 of 2) (2003)
Not Rated
  Ali G somehow gets interviews with Buzz Aldrin (who he calls Buzz Lightyear), Newt Gingrich, and various other well known "societal pillars". What he does with their minds is too funny for words.
Death to Smoochy (2002)
  Edward Norton in a rhino suit singing songs of hope to junkies? Robin Williams making cock-shaped cookies? It's worth a viewing!
Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill (1999)
  A master of stream of consciousness lunacy who will flip your lid and bust your gut.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Criterion Collection) (1998)
  This adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's book will twist your noodle. Johnny Depp and Benecio del Toro do a great job.
Four Rooms (1995)
  Tim Roth is the center of this four-part riot by four different directors. Quentin Tarantino directs the last piece, and Tim Roth steals the show!
Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)
  John Cusack has a knack for showing up in some of the best twisted comedies. Here, he is a hit man going to his 10 year high school reunion. Dan Aykroyd has a great part as well.
Happy Tree Friends vol.1: First Blood (2002)
Not Rated
  Don't let the cutesy cover fool you...this is some f**ked up s**t right here!
Henry Rollins: Up for It (2001)
Not Rated
  You don't have to like Black Flag or punk to appreciate what Rollins says.
I Married a Strange Person (1997)
Not Rated
  This is so strange, it makes an acid trip look normal.
Kids in the Hall: Tour of Duty (2002)
Not Rated
  The Canuck Comics live onstage, with classic skits and new material. Anything that opens with an irreverant Dr. Suess Bible has got to be good.
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)
  Imagine mixing the styles of Reservoir Dogs and Trainspotting together. Now rent it.
Margaret Cho: Revolution (2003)
Not Rated
  This is a crazy woman. A foulmouthed freak who will have you clutching your sides in laughter.
Meet the Feebles (1989)
  Before Peter Jackson did Lord of the Rings, he did this....this...insane muppet porn.
Monty Python's Life of Brian (Criterion Collection) (1979)
  Yes, I know.....Python is so predictable for such a list...however, it must be included for it's subtle pokes at religious history. Plus, I watch it every Easter!
Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
  I hated this the first time I saw it, but something compelled me to see it again. It's an acquired taste that is more strange than funny. Worth seeing just for the experience of it.
Office Space (1999)
  The creator of Beavis and Butthead created this hilarious look at life in the electronic plantation.
Orgazmo (1997)
Not Rated
  South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone poke fun at Mormons and porn (or Mormons in porn).
Party Monster (2003)
  A tragic comedy about penultimate club kid Michael Alig. It's worth seeing just to see Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green as self-absorbed, flaming freaks.
Penn & Teller: Bullshit! (Disc 1 of 3) (2003)
Not Rated
  The Monster and the Mute tear apart societal delusions with a vicious rusty axe of wit.
Raising Arizona (1987)
  You've probably already seen this, and therefore know why it's included here.
Red Dwarf: Series 1 (1988)
Not Rated
  You'd have to be a smeghead not to love this silly space series.
Saved! (2003)
  You know them...the overzealous, deluded young Christians that think they have all the answers and have yet to graduate from high school. You've seen the parents that make them this way. Enjoy this satire at their expense.
Shaun of the Dead (2004)
  Not simply another zombie movie. This is a hilarious film well worth seeing.
Six-String Samurai (1998)
  Imagine a jaded Elvis Costello lookalike in a mix of The Road Warrior and Buckaroo Banzai.
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999)
  I know you've seen it, but it's a necessary staple of twisted humor.
Spike & Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation (1997)
Not Rated
  You won't be sure whether to cringe or laugh. This is the precursor to all twisted animation.
Tenacious D: The Complete Masterworks (1997)
  You gotta' be down with the D!
The Doom Generation (1995)
  This is the darkest and most twisted of comedy. If you like this, then also see Gregg Araki's "Totally F***ked Up" and "Splendor".
The Party (1968)
Not Rated
  As far as I'm concerned, this is Peter Sellers' best work. A great walk down Swank Lane.
The Ren & Stimpy Show Uncut: First & Second Seasons (Disc 1 of 3) (1991-1993)
Not Rated
  This will always remain a shining staple of twisted comedy.
The Young Ones - Every Stoopid Episode (Disc 1 of 3) (1982)
  Even if you hate most British comedy, this is so whacked out you'll have to love it.
This Is Spinal Tap (1984)
  From the maker of Waiting For Guffman, Best In Show, and A Mighty Wind....this came first and it was better.
Trekkies (1997)
  To quote Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club: "It's social. Demented and sad, but social."

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