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Member Lists

Saving the World: Magical Girl Anime
List creator: EmpressStephanie
Created on: May 13, 2005 - 12:53 PM PDT
Description: Collection of Magical Girl Anime (A girl with some sort of magical powers saves the world from something... it's fun and cheesey anime ; ) Send me a message if I'm missing something.

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Sailor Moon: Season One Uncut (Disc 1 of 8) (1992)
Not Rated
  This is standard... if your into this stuff you have to see sailor moon. By the time you get to the end you'll have almost 15 magical girls. O.O
Wedding Peach Vol. 1: Love Wave (2004)
Not Rated
  another standard... same themes as Sailor Moon... each girl has 2!!! transformation squences... geez
Pretear vol. 1 (2003)
Not Rated
  Standard format... what's cool about this anime is that instead of having several girls with different outfits they have one girl with many outfits
Saint Tail Vol. 1: Thief of Hearts
Not Rated
  Also standard, except she's not saving the world from some major thread like the first 3... she's stealing from the bad people and returning it to the good. Cute stuff.
Cardcaptor Sakura Vol. 1 - The Clow (1998)
  I acutually haven't seen this anime but I know it's in this genre.
Princess Tutu vol. 1: Marchen (2005)
Not Rated
  Is she saving the world? Ha... a surreal approach to the magical girl genre... She's either a magical girl or dreaming duck or both.
Magic Knight Rayearth Vol. 1: Daybreak (1999)
  Another one I haven't seen (can you tell I'm not a CLAMP fan)
Revolutionary Girl Utena vol. 1: The Rose Collection 1 (1997)
Not Rated
  Not a standard magical girl, also surreal like Princess Tutu. Utena is more of a badass than a magical girl but she is saving the world... or rather she's going to try to revolutionize the world.
Super GALS! Vol. 1: Gals Gotta Have Heart (2003)
Not Rated
  Ran Kotobuki isn't really a magical girl (even though the title of the anime may lead you to think she is) but she does kick butt while protecting her hang out spot shibuya. This anime has a lot of the same themes as a magical girl anime so it's worth it.
Kaleido Star Vol. 1: Welcome to the Kaleido Stage (2004)
Not Rated
  Again, not really magical girl but a lot of the same themes and similar art style... well I guess it's a bit MG because Sora can see that perverted thing. WATCH THIS IN JAPANESE!! The censored a lot in the english dub.
Magical Project S DVD Vol. 1: Pretty Sammy Debut! (Disc 1 of 2) (2002)
  Never seen this one but it was recommended by Jlind as a good MG series.

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