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Member Lists

Coming of Age
List creator: blindswordsman
Created on: July 27, 2005 - 5:09 PM PDT
Description: The Best coming of age films

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Gregory's Girl (1980)
  Scottish film filled with humor and sweetness. They don't make them like this anymore 'cause kids are way too jaded and savvy nowadays. this feels fresh with puzzled kids whose characters aren't analyzing themselves do death ala current t.v. and film characters. Co stars Altered Images singer Clare Grogan, too. Rowr! Rowr!
The Year My Voice Broke (1987)
  Australian unrequited love tale has the lead character painfully infatuated with an older more experienced girl who gives him his first taste of the strangeness of love.
Flirting (1990)
  SEQUEL to Year My Voice Broke features our hero a little older and falling into an inter-racial romance that everyone seems to want to stop. Co-stars Nicole Kidman. Well done performances all around.
Shag, The Movie (1988)
  Ever want to see Bridget Fonda dance with a Confederate flag while dressed in a bikini? well, that happens here, but the real one to watch is a sweetly understated performance by the underappreciated Annabeth Gish when she still had her baby fat.
Quadrophenia (Criterion) (1979)
  The Who's album brought to life on film documenting the trials of a teenager caught in the throes of the Mod explosion in early-mid 60's U.K. Sting appears as a dapper mod, The Face and does some awkward dancing.
My Father's Glory (1990)
  Wonderfully tender and humorous look at a young boy wanting to see his stuffed shirt, studiously minded teacher (who's also his dad) come out of his shell on a family trip where a friendly hunting challenge to see who will bag the prize holds the boy's heart in the balance--it seems all will be lost if his father fails. The Uncle steals the show.
My Mother's Castle (1990)
  SEQUEL to My Father's Glory focuses on the boy's memories of his mother. Almost as good as the first, too!
Au Revoir Les Enfants (Criterion Collection) (1987)
  what more can you want? friendships tested, nazis, fear, etc..
Europa Europa (1991)
  jewish teen hiding out among the nazis! talk about tension! has a little bit of everything--well, except a vampire, karate and lots and lots of car chases. still..i recommend for cameo by Der Fuhrer himself!! Oh wait--that was an "Indiana Jones" movie..oops
Shane (1953)
Not Rated
  Coming of age film? Damn right--has all the elements of a hero worshipping boy's loyalties to his father and the mysterious man with a past, Shane. wonderful throughout--Jean Arthur's last film too i believe.
Stand by Me (1986)
  The ultimate buddy film. bunch of young guys on an adventure to find a rumored dead body fight, argue and razz each other all the way there, also tangling with a few older guys led by keifer sutherland.
Dead Poets Society (1989)
  One word: "Newanda"--great little coming of age tale featuring free spirited robin williams playing guru to repressed prep school boys dying to act up. takes a downer spiral towards the end but seeing pre-hipster version of ethan hawke was nice before a goatee became permanently fixed to his chin. the chick that knox overstreet goes for is cute too!
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964)
  Get out your hanky's. Every line in this pastel painted masterpiece is sung, not spoken. Beautiful score. The tale of two young adults in love who face the bitter realities life.
Gallipoli (1981)
  Young Mel Gibson in Peter Weir's tale of two running enthusiasts' adventures as they join up in the fighting forces in WW1 and make their way to destiny at Gallipoli ( an infamously true military battle/event ).
The Commitments (1991)
  Say it loud. "I'm Black And I'm Proud"--like stax style 60's soul? you'll love this group of misfit irish kids fighting, romancing and playing the classics in Dublin. Perfection.
Some Kind of Wonderful (1987)
  WHY in the world of Hughes do the central characters NOT see how perfectly suited for each other they are? oh sure ONE of them sees it but not both. here we have eric stoltz pursuing the average 80's big haired chick when he's already got little drummer quirky girl (who, i might add teaches him how to kiss and make out!). insanity, but i'll watch!!
Pretty in Pink (1986)
  Ducky lip synchs to otis redding to impress made-for-him Andie ( molly ringwald at her thrift store hottest ). but wait! andie doesn't like ducky! she likes the bland Blaine ( that's not even a name--it's an appliance!). Hughes, you hurt me, man. Listen for The Smiths when Ducky throws cards into a hat.
Roman Holiday (1953)
Not Rated
  audrey hepburn looks gorgeous; what more do you need? oh yeah? a classic Vespa!
Amelie (2001)
  i can't tell you how utterly watchable and joyous this one is. if you don't fall for audrey tautou you have no pulse! clever, quirky, loveable..there's a reason this did so well in theaters.
Wish You Were Here (1987)
  budding sexuality of the borderline insane brit girl putting her father's patience to the test. loosely based on the younger years of a british madam, so i hear. emily lloyd never got much bigger than this ( at least in the states-- you may have seen her in "in country" with bruce willis or "a river runs through it" . hopefully she'll catch a big break.
Hope and Glory (1987)
  u.k. wartime adventures of an imaginitve young boy who's father is away--little bit of everything as he witnesses adult dramas and tension and his teenage sister's budding romance with an obnoxious but good natured soldier.
Dazed and Confused (1993)
  Parker Posey squirting ketchup and mustard into the air onto freshmen is strangely beautiful. ok, so i think she's hot. i grew up in 70' s Texas and the era is dead on in this one. it has everything! and i love the redhead too.
Heavenly Creatures (1994)
  amazingly engaging tragic tale of two creative teens whose desperate need to cling to each other leads to an insane plot. the girls are so spirited and their enthusiasm infectious. after "dead alive" i really never saw this coming from peter jackson! and look what greatness he's ascended to since then.
The World of Henry Orient (1964)
Not Rated
  strangely this really reminds me of "heavenly creatures" but without the tragedy, especially the giddiness the girls have obsessing over musician peter sellers, much like the girls in "heavenly creatures" obsess over musical legend mario lanza.
Dirty Dancing (1987)
  this has a bit of everything--Swayze can dance. the script is a tad 'movie of the week' but it's certainly got all the hallmarks of a good coming of age movies, especially the "good girl" and "guy from the wrong side of the tracks" angle. spawned the immortal line: "nobody puts Baby in a corner".
A Little Romance (1979)
  laurence olivier is co-conspirator setting up a romantic rendevous between well-to-do 13 year old diane lane (who's in france with her self involved mother) and a local scamp who's really into movies. great innocent fun.
Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995)
  ok, i will forewarn those of you looking for sentimentality and bittersweet moments. this is an unflinching, painfully honest look at the hell "loser" kids endure in school. true to life and hard to watch--especially if you can relate!
The Karate Kid (1984)
  "rocky" for 80's kids! fish out of water daniel la russo finds himself in a new city, immediately humiliated by the local karate champ golden boy jerk, then learns about confidence, honor and the unstoppable crane technique from japanese gardener/maint man/karate ass-kicker mr. miyagi. "sweep the leg!"
The Karate Kid Part II (1986)
  developing the student -teacher relationship, daniel accompanies mr. miyagi to japan, where an old grudge held by miyagi's ex-best bud leads to some nice karate showdowns. scene of miyagi and daniel's kata routine really cements their unity, especially the hand slapping afterwards. lots of fun. oh, and the crane technique? apparently Not unstoppable!

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