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Member Lists

Silent Collection
List creator: Gwenhwyvar
Created on: September 23, 2006 - 12:02 PM PDT
Description: My Favorite Silents, compiled with the beginning viewer in mind.

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My Best Girl (1927)
Not Rated
  The real "America's Sweetheart", Mary Pickford, in one of her sweetest roles. Buddy Rogers is the icing on the cake.
Daddy-Long-Legs (1919)
Not Rated
  Mary in one of her famous "child roles". Cute story that follows the classic book very closely
The Mark of Zorro (1920)
Not Rated
  Douglas Fairbanks was the Jackie Chan of his day, everyone went to see his stunts. He was also the first movie Zorro.
The Sheik/Son of The Sheik (1921)
  The famous Valentino in his most famous role. "The Sheik" is fairy cheesy but "Son of the Sheik" is quite good. He is ably supported by the gorgeous Hungarian actress Vilma Banky.
Beyond the Rocks
  Valentino and Swanson, it's gotta work! Lost for years, a lovely bit of light entertainment.
City Lights (1931)
Not Rated
  Chaplin was one of the last stars to abandon silent film. City Lights is one of his finest efforts with all the humor and pathos you could expect from the Little Tramp.
The Kid (Chaplin Collection) (1921)
Not Rated
  Chaplin with Jackie Coogan, probably the cutest child to ever grace the screen and a remarkable actor. A splendid movie.
Waxworks (1924)
  Take a detour to Germany and experience the expressionist horror of Paul Leni's wax museum nightmare. Conrad Veidt steals the show as Ivan the Terrible.
The Indian Tomb (1921)
Not Rated
  While you're in Germany, check out the majestic Indian Tomb. Veidt gives another terrific performance as an Indian prince bent on killing his unfaithful wife. Long but worth it.
The Cat and the Canary (1927)
Not Rated
  Paul Leni, who directed Waxworks, made this horror/comedy in Hollywood. Stars the charming Laura La Plante. A shame Leni died beofre the silent era ended.
Why Change Your Wife/Miss Lulu Bett (1920)
Not Rated
  The two DeMilles offering marriage dramedies. Cecil has Swanson and Bebe Daniels but William (and that's deMille) has the splendid Lois Wilson, the ever capable Milton Sills and a cast of able character actors. Miss Lulu Bett also has a refreshing feminist message, not so with Why Change Your Wife.
Carmen/The Cheat (1915)
Not Rated
  Early DeMille. I really liked real-life soprana Geraldine Ferrar as Carmen. The Cheat has the remarkable Sessue Hayakawa. It is a very anti-Asian movie so consider yourself warned. Hayakawa and the cinemetography are the only saving graces.
Judex (Disc 1 of 2) (1916)
  Off to France for serials. Anyone used to The Perils of Pauline will be surprised and refreshed by Louis Feuillade's fun, off-beat films.
Judex (Disc 2 of 2) (1916)
  Don't forget Disc 2. Judex is a personal favorite, I liked it even better than the more famous Les Vampires. The soundtrack by Robert Israel is first-rate!
The General (Special Edition) (1927)
  The great Buster Keatons biggest (and some say finest) comedy. Set during the Civil War and co-starring a steam engine. Not to be missed.
Our Hospitality/Sherlock, Jr. (1923)
  Two great Keaton films. I particularly liked Our Hospitality. A family affair, it has Buster's son, father and his wife Natalie Talmadge as the love interest, baby Buster and an eccentric respectively.
Sunrise (1927)
  One of two pictures that won the first best picture Oscar. (if you want to be technical, "Wings" won for technical merit and "Sunrise" for artistic achievement) An astonishing film on many levels, a must-see.
The Blot (1921)
  One of the Social Films of Lois Webber, this one deals with underpaid teachers. Interesting glimpse at the time.
Way Down East (1920)
Not Rated
  Griffith's ultimate pot-boiler. The blizzard scenes are spectacular. Out of print but worth tracking down.
D.W. Griffith: Years of Discovery (Disc 1 of 2) (1913)
  Find out what made the master tick. Some astonishing early work.
D.W. Griffith: Years of Discovery (Disc 2 of 2) (1913)
  With a great piano score by Robert Israel.
Tol'able David (1921)
Not Rated
  A slice of Americana. Charming and heartfelt.
Battleship Potemkin (1925)
Not Rated
  Find out why everyone was so excited about Eisenstein's brilliant editing.
Sabotage/The Lodger (1926)
  The print of "The Lodger" is horrible but it's all we have. Hitchcock's early masterpiece.
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1920)
Not Rated
  One of John Barrymore's most famous roles and I think the best Jekyll & Hyde ever.
The Beloved Rogue (1927)
Not Rated
  John Barrymore does a rather good job at Fairbaks-esque swashbuckling. Conrad Veidt makes his American debut as the eccentric Louis XI.
Harry Langdon: The Forgotten Clown (1926)
  The Strong Man is the one to see.
The Penalty (1920)
Not Rated
  Meet Lon Chaney. Here he plays a legless master criminal in this warped gangster fantasy.
The Phantom of the Opera (1925)
  Chaney's most famous role. Great but it could have been greater with a more able director.
The Toll Gate (1920)
Not Rated
  William S. Hart was an early believer in the realistic western. This film was one of his own favorites.

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