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ggsuperhero's reviews view profile

much better than "the guru"  
on June 1, 2004 - 10:39 AM PDT
  of Bollywood Hollywood (2002)

this is not really a bollywood film, it's more like a western bollywood-ized film or maybe it's the other way around. hilarious movie if you take it for what it is. there are some jokes that most of us westerners probabaly won't get .. a few bollywood and indian-only references here and there. it's a typical bollywood-ish love story - very predictable and light. i liked that deepa mehta mixed the western and indian culture .. definitely much better than the guru.
lalalalalala ....   
on September 8, 2003 - 1:51 PM PDT
  of Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai (2002)
3 out of 3 members found this review helpful

I enjoyed watching Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai (My Friend's Wedding) for one reason: the songs. Newcomer Sanjana (Anjali) gave a so-so performance, as always I cannot stand Uday (Sanjay) nor Jimmy (Rohit) -- especially that lacey top that Uday wore in one of the music sequences, eeeww! The story itself is basically a more colorful remake of My Best Friend's Wedding. So rent it for the songs, it got me singing and dancing for a couple of hours. :)
shoot me  
on August 18, 2003 - 4:13 PM PDT
  of Head of State (2003)
2 out of 2 members found this review helpful

so i got a free pass to the sneak preview of this movie. i thought, chris rock, can't be that bad and it's free anyway so i went. man oh man this movie was bad, bad i tell you. i like chris rock sometimes, but there was not a single funny line in here, none. the storyline was horrible, if there was even one -- and i'm easy to please. dont waste 95 minutes of your life watching this.
just read the book  
on August 18, 2003 - 3:27 PM PDT
  of The Beach (2000)
1 out of 1 members found this review helpful

i should have learned my lesson: never ever read the book right before watching the movie. as for the movie itself, it didnt do much for me. the story was not put together well & the acting was mediocre. it's basically just a lame "hollywoodization" of an excellent book.
Nice guy or a just into S&M.  
on July 14, 2003 - 4:11 PM PDT
  of Khuda Gawah [God is My Witness] (1992)
2 out of 6 members found this review helpful

Mr. Bachchan sporting a turban is a love-sick Muslim who will kill and kill and kill and spend a majority of his life imprisoned in the name of love.

The goal of the movie seems to want to spin around themes of love, integrity and friendship. What comes out is a somewhat comical film on stretching the limits of story telling and cinematography. A lot of the movie is shot in Nepal though they want you to think it's in Afganistan.

It's a good movie to watch if you want to see Amitabh in an over abundance of makeup. Fun movie to watch on those nights when you have nothing to do.
you should definitely sea  
on July 10, 2003 - 3:51 PM PDT
  of Muro-Ami (Reef-Hunters) (2000)
6 out of 6 members found this review helpful

Muro-Ami is a very beautifully shot film set almost entirely on a fishing boat. It does a good job of portraying the types of hardships that fishermen face on the sea and gives us a glimpse of the interesting fishing methods used when modern technology is not readily available.

I recommend it for non-Filipinos (and non-fishermen) viewers because fishing aside, it delves into the lives of young indigent Filipinos who are sent off to sea indefinitely in return for little money, who have the stereotypical aspiration of going abroad to work and who will do almost anything to get rich quickly.

Starring a bald Cesar Montano and well acted by the supporting cast of a whole lot of children, this is a must see film for its attempt at tackling social issues instead of showing the usual sex and violence themes that a lot of Filipino movies have these days.
Man am I sexy in this picture.  
on July 2, 2003 - 4:54 PM PDT
  of Maine Pyar Kiya (1990)
2 out of 3 members found this review helpful

A young and buff Salman Khan stars in this film about a boy returning home for a little bit of Indian love. One of my favorites and a favorite among many Bollywood fans. The film brought Salman to new levels as an actor and as a heartthrob. Beautiful music will have you singing along and maybe even dancing gleefully. The DVD covers says it all. Enjoy!
Watch it over and over  
on June 17, 2003 - 11:45 AM PDT
  of Ringu (1998)
8 out of 13 members found this review helpful

First, I have to admit that after having seen "The Ring" in the theatres and then "Ringu" on DVD shortly after, I liked the American version better. Okay, before you start gasping - read this whole review. I thought that the American version went deeper into the details of the girls' story and showed us the reason why these events were happening. I therefore empathized with the characters in the American version more than I did with the characters in the Japanese version.

However, what I will say in the second part of this review may come as a surprise to you, as it certainly surprised me. I watched Ringu the second time around last weekend and boy, was it scarier than when I saw it first! Ringu's pace is certainly slower than The Ring but when I saw Ringu the second time around I appreciated the pace rather than got annoyed by it. Every aspect of the film just worked much better for me: the pace, the music and sound effects and the acting. I am still trying to figure out why this is the case, any hints? I encourage you to watch this film twice or three times to get the most out of it. Let me know if it worked for you as it did for me
What the hell is an ABCD? Well...  
on June 17, 2003 - 11:14 AM PDT
  of American Desi (Special Director's Edition) (2001)
8 out of 8 members found this review helpful

It's not Bollywood. It's not Hollywood. It's pretty low budget independent film that does a fabulous job of making light of the life of an ABCD (American Born Confused Desi), an Indian who is born and raised in the States.

Despite the small budget and relatively new actors/actresses and crew, it does a great job of telling a really funny story. Excellent performances and a lively soundtrack make this film a must see for anyone ABCD or not.
Enjoy the frustration of Ishq  
on May 4, 2003 - 12:49 AM PDT
  of Ishq (1997)
6 out of 6 members found this review helpful

This is one of the funnier Bollywood films I've seen. It's a simple story about friendship and love. Just when you think the plot has come to some resolution and the movie might end, something new happens.

It'll frustrate you, entertain you and have you looking like you've gone mad when you start talking to the characters trying to tell them to get a clue.

A combination of the miscommunications of Three's Company and the always melodrama of daytime soap opera. Enjoy watching it but try to keep you tongue from lashing out.
For Kids of All Ages  
on April 21, 2003 - 1:04 PM PDT
  of Kiki's Delivery Service (Special Edition) (1989)
7 out of 8 members found this review helpful

Kiki's Delivery Service is a heart-warming movie for kids of all ages. I am especially very fond of Kiki's cat, Jiji, who I think has the coolest and sometimes laugh out loud lines in this anime. I also liked the fact that Kiki does not entirely rely on her witch's powers to get out of difficult situations which lets us humans relate to her. I really enjoyed watching this movie as well the other Miyazaki titles!
Great song numbers, contemporary Bollywood  
on April 18, 2003 - 12:26 PM PDT
  of Yaadein (2001)
3 out of 3 members found this review helpful

This is a great movie for fans of Bollywood. It stars Indian heartthrobs Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor. What makes this movie great is the soundtrack. It's a very contemporary soundtrack to match an equally contemporary story of love. The plot though at times stretched is a bit off the beaten path of Bollywood, the storyline doesn't try to mirror the usual themes. If not entirely for the film itself, I'd highly recommend renting this film for the music and dance choreography.
beautifully done tale  
on April 18, 2003 - 12:11 PM PDT
  of Earth (1998)
7 out of 7 members found this review helpful

This very colorful and often graphic film depicts the partition of India in 1947 through the eyes of a child. This is a must see film from Deepa Meehta who also directed "Fire". This is not your typical Bollywood film although it stars Aamir Khan, one of Bollywood's biggest products and star of the Oscar nominated "Lagaan". It's a beautifully done tale of love, betrayal and humanity. Through the eyes of a Parsee girl and through the lives of Hindu, Muslim and Shikh friends, we see how the partitioning challenges and strengthens their bond. If you want to take in a totally unique rendition of India's independence from the English, this film doesn't disappoint.
for first time bollywood-ers  
on March 13, 2003 - 5:28 PM PST
  of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)
10 out of 10 members found this review helpful

Great music sequences! Great soundtrack! Lots of hilarious moments, uplifting, but could also be a tear-jerker if you want it to be. K2H2 is my favorite Bollywood movie (so far). Recommended for first time Bollywood-ers.
Wonderful Cinematography  
on February 24, 2003 - 3:04 PM PST
  of Devdas (2002)
9 out of 9 members found this review helpful

I saw this movie in the theatres and was just astounded by the wonderful cinematography and gorgeous costumes. I hope that the DVD version will have the same quality. Everything in this movie is just soooooo beautiful, especially the courtesan scenes. Shah Rukh Khan is one of my favorite Bollywood actors, and his performance as Devdas in this movie is average to good. The story line itself is good (not great). However, the songs were very catchy and often makes you want to dance with the actors. Now if you've never seen a Bollywood film be prepared, for as you can see this movie is 3 (or so) hours long. With all that said, I recommend Devdas!

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