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My favorite movie(s): Antonia and Jane, Party Girl, Room with a View
My favorite movie talent(s): Saskia Reeves, Michael Leigh, Holly Hunter, Li'l Bethany and the woozle-bugs
My favorite movie quote: "He can only have sex if he is read to, and it has to be Iris Murdoch. ... The trouble is I don't much care for Iris Murdoch. I find her style to be contrived. Her plots are predictable. Her characters are wooden and forced and her themes are condescending."
My location: under the lampost beside the barrack gate
My age: 30s
My gender: Female
My blood type: AB
My Personal Statement:

Although she was actually born on March 21, 1971 sometime around noon at an unknown location in Southern England, Lucette de Suer grew up believing (and her birth certificate verifies) her time and place of birth to be three seconds after New Years, 1970 in the town of Henchard on the island of Jersey in the English Channel. Although she now knows these origins are actually those of her older sister at whose death she was concieved to replace, she still applies them to herself as the they are part of her sense of identity. Also as no birth certificate nor witnesses to her birth exist (nor death certificate nor witnesses for the original Lucette de Suer) and as all academic and medical records reflect the origin she grew up believing, things are far simpler to continue as they were.

Although 14 months shorter than it ought to have been, her childhood was idyllic consisting of running barefoot, lying outrageously to her many siblings, and raising and training hummingbirds. Her father, a pioneer in buckeye honey cultivation, taught at RAHJ (Royal Academy of Henchard Jersey) and her mother was heir to the Eau du Suer-- The best of Jersey bottled water dynasty, so young Lucette had access to the greatest botany literature and water bottling technology of the time.

All this was to end when at the age of 13 (or 11) when her American uncle, in a well-meaning but tragically ill-informed rescue attempt, kidnapped her to Taos, New Mexico. Much has written and surmised about the famous faulty Gaelic translation of Madame Bouvery, that I won't go into details here. However the uncle, one Calvin Newson, has gone on the record many times stating had the graduate student responsible for Chapter 25 admitted upfront her Cape Breton Gaelic had been tainted by a visit to Ireland at a young age, Newsome never would have attempted the abduction. Be that as it may Lucette, now going by the the name Lucetta "Schezzi" Scheherazade Templeman, spent her teenage years as an only child in the American Southwest, playing the cello, assisting her uncle in smuggling exotic animals, and, of course, breeding hummingbirds.

Despite his illegal inclinations, Newson was a loving guardian and Schezzi Templeman greatly enjoyed and took pride in her exoctic animal handling and smuggling skills. One day while doing research for a school paper she discoved that the 16th-century pocket fox she had delivered to the local city councilman the week before was the last one in existence. Upset she snooped around the councilman's gardens and garbage and discovered that, despite her uncle's claim that the councilman was providing the fox a comfortable home with excercise and diet not available in the wild, that the pocket fox had had its adrenial glands processed for a 15-minute aphrodisiac and had then been eaten at one of the councilman's monthly elite rare and exotic animal banquets. Disillussioned, depressed, and filled with guilt and shame, Schezzi ran away from home and spent the next three years living secretly and illegally in the attic of the Santa Fe public library.

At the age of 19 (or 18), she read of her father's death in a Skimmington Ride at a county fair. Figuring it was high time to take back control of her life, she concentrated her efforts on patenting her safron-throated dumbledore, a hybrid that hummingbird enthuseists still compare to the classic Farfae's flute-crested skimmer, and it was on the basis of the patent that she was admitted to the University of California at Casterbridge as a junior despite not having finished high school.

At UCC, Schezzi supported herself by telling fortunes, cello busking, being a stand-in "impersonator for hire", and lying outrageously. It was a "liar for hire", that Schezzi took on the professional name SirenTiger, which she claims she saw, after eating some wild Marganetta, in vision as graffiti across the sky. It was during college, that Siren became reunited with her mother and learned the rather startling circumstances of her birth. Rather impulsively she legally changed her name to SirenTiger (although her close friends can still call her "Schezzi"-- No-one has called her Lucetta or Lucette in 25 years-- and her initials haven't legally needed to be changed). After two years, Siren graduated with an unexceptional Masters in Library and Information Science, a Magma Cum Laude Masters in Hummingbird Breeding and Husbandry, and a Bachelors in Mathematical Personae-- a self-declared major to which academic advisors had mixed opinions.

As no-one can make a living on a hummingbird breeder's salary, Siren worked for the first ten years after graduating as consulting ontological empiricist for the San Francisco Police Department until coming of age to her share of the Eau du Suer heritage. Since then she has been supporting herself as she has repeatedly confirmed herself as one of the most promising hummingbird breeders of the millenium. Indeed, the California Academy of Science's SirenTiger Scholarship is the most prestigeous honor available for students in the discipline.

SirenTiger lives in Ogebus, Id. with her deceased brother, woozy, her phantasm daughter, CygnusTygger, and the memory of the original Lucette de Suer.

My website:
I am interested in conversing with other members: Yes
I am interested in meeting other members: Yes
Friends: Battie, IronS, SonjaBlue

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