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The Hardcore Collection: The Films Of Richard Kern (1999)

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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Music Video Distributors
Genre: Short Films
Running Time: 180 min.
Languages: English
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This exclusive video collection is jam-packed with the gritty best from noted New York filmmaker Richard Kern. His sexually-charged work has been alternately dismissed as "violent" and "offensive" by the mainstream press, but embraced by the underground as the perverse standard. Featuring punk rock diva Lydia Lunch, funnyman Henry Rollins, the exotic genitalia of Kimbra Pfahler and the churning music of Sonic Youth and Foetus, this urban jungle excursion is guaranteed to satisfy your dark craving for the unusual.

Note: The availability of this title is limited, so please be patient if it is checked out.

GreenCine Member Reviews

Very Bad by SDChas December 28, 2004 - 4:07 PM PST
3 out of 6 members found this review helpful
I agree with stypee's review. There were some serious episodes, with a point to make, but the acting and direction was SO bad that they totally failed. All the other episodes were 'artistic' versions of xxx sex loops. I think that Richard Kern liked to watch porn films. S/M porn in particular. Then he decided to shock mainstream viewers by showing them disguised as art. They would be shhocking for someone who has never been exposed to S/M porn etc. And the acting and direction would not have to be any good for these. Who can say that they are not supposed to look that way?

So yes, everything stypee said above is true.

Can I say the word Sh!t? by stypee May 15, 2004 - 12:33 PM PDT
13 out of 17 members found this review helpful
I know nothing of Richard Kern, my knowledge of his work was that he was some sort of "controversial video artist" or "short filmmaker". Maybe it's because times have changed to the point where I have seen and experienced even the most uncomfortable and disgraceful films ever made. Perhaps I'm just used to them. Maybe the man tried to be "campy" and failed. Maybe he was trying to be offensive, maybe I'm a pretentious prick.

What you'll find here are music videos and short films that suck. It reminds me of that spoiled NYU student that I'd run into at film school. He or she always thought what they were doing was "the next best thing" what they felt they were creating was "original" and it it'll "shock you".

In reality, 80% of NYU STUDENT FILMS SUCK. If you're considering going to their film school, don't. Stay humble, go somewhere else, I did and am never afraid to admit when my work is sh!t.

Now back to Richard Kern, I respect him as a filmmaker because that's what I am. I also find it difficult to pass judgment on someone I have no research or understanding about. All I can criticize is what I saw and it wasn't anything interesting, it was boring.

You know how these films should be viewed? Have yourself a really sick party, grab some monitors and play them on a loop in the background with loud music. Perhaps as I write this review ever so clumsily, my film projects will be considered sh!t, maybe even my reviews. But you know what? I'd rather someone be honest about what they thought of my work than lied. If you haven't seen these shorts, don't bother, you want to really feel messed up? Take a look at Coffin Joe, you want true camp, John Waters is your man, you want sick? Have a look at the Mermaid series (which I also loathe but at least it had a mystic to them) and if you want real sick? Wait for Nacho Carda's short film AFTERMATH to hit DVD, that will shock and shake you.

No offense to this cult God. But you're not missing anything if you haven't seen it yet.

If you need a brief description about the disc, here you go:

Bad Acting
Cheesy Poetry and lame sex
Hardcore cheese
Sonic Youth
Cardboard sets
Titles in magnets
Ugly naked people and people with big dicks..
Getting blown by a corpse
Cheap Gore
Cum Shots
People that seriously require showers

Save your rental queue and have a look into something else. Oh and by the way, Henry Rollins, you still know how to Rock and Roll, we all make our mistakes.

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