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Entrails of a Virgin (1986)

Cast: Saeko Kizuki, Saeko Kizuki, Naomi Hagio, more...
Director: Kazuo Komizu, Kazuo Komizu
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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Synapse Video
Genre: Foreign, Horror, Japan, Zombies, Killer Critters, Asian Horror, Kaiju Eiga
Running Time: 73 min.
Languages: Japanese
Subtitles: English
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Kazuo Komizu, again using the pseudonym "Gaira," followed up his graphic 1986 film Bijo No Harawata with this even more lurid amalgam of graphic sex and stomach-churning violence. Three male photographers and their three female models drive down a lonely fog-blanketed road late at night and have to seek shelter in an isolated house, not knowing that a slimy zombie has risen from a nearby swamp and wants to kill them. The six engage in kinky sex games before being murdered in various gory ways. Eyes are popped from skulls, heads are lopped off, a man is hung from a metal hook, and so on. These events drive one of the models so crazy that she begins pleasuring herself with her dead boyfriend's severed arm before she is raped and disemboweled by the enormously endowed swamp monster. Quite a popular item in certain circles, the film's preoccupation with rape and violence toward women, while admittedly beyond the pale by American standards, is common in Japanese exploitation films. ~ Robert Firsching, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

Not Fleshed Out Enough by MOkum August 5, 2007 - 6:18 PM PDT
This film is a sad example of a project that could have been intelligent and thought provoking AND full of gore/sex/bizzare behaviour but it only remains on one level which is the latter. Almost every character and motivation in this story seems tossed off. If only the filmmakers could restrain the perv-o-vision that permeates almost every frame and tie up the loose ends a bit. To get to the point. Yes, as one reviewer said there are entrails coming out of a girl, but not the virgin girl as we see her. Yes, there are many long and slightly unconfortable, sex scenes with nude Asian girls being manhandled by the sleazy Asian male characters which are fascinating by themselves for their borderline rape scenario's that seem to be a staple in Asian cinema, not to mention soft-core porn... But besides all that which are the main reasons for watching this...The bizarre killer-ghost-rapist-demon-person that is rampaging for the last half of the film is really lame and undeveloped. And what the hell is up with the scene of the Monster and the Virgin having sex and trading incoherent dialogue? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!? An evil (alien?) force emerges from the dirt and leaves and terrorizes the cabin where some sleazy porn-gurus and their ditzy dates are staying... And then when people ARE actually killed the filmmaker threw in some baffling and sometimes funny, interesting edits of slabs of meat slapping on a table(?) or weird, gross, blood and (sperm) looking substance...kindof like stream-of- consciousness images mixed in with the lame kill scenes. I would have prefered the film cut to half an hour with just those good parts and less half-assed exposition. Bottom Line: See for nude chicks and cheesy violence... Best Scene: Girl masturbates with a severed arm then is ravaged by a Creepy Dirt-covered/Alien/Man until he finally ripped her entrails out....Good Times?!?

Extreme J-horror. by admacewen March 16, 2006 - 2:55 PM PST
1 out of 1 members found this review helpful
Don't completely agree with the other viewer. True, the special effects are weak, but the results are not always comical. The scenes of violence that involve sex/rape remain sick and pathological due to their very nature and extremity: e.g., one scene in which we witness from an overhead, medium-distance angle a naked woman's entrails explode outward from her vagina (torn out, actually, from some invisible force). Top-notch FX a la Tom Savini or Gianetto De Rossi simply aren't necessary for the execution of such a scene because we aren't seeing it in extreme Fulci-style close-up. Another moment, in which a woman (the same one, I think) masturbates with a severed arm, is morbid and discomforting. I can't remember how good the arm gore-effect is, but does it really matter?

Then there are sequences that are campy and semi-comical: a man is impaled in a scene that comes across like a javelin-throwing event gone awry. Take it as comic book horror, I suppose. Scenes in which women are shown penetrated by the giant phallus of a mud-monster/rapist are shown in silhouetted close-up: these are disturbing in content but silly in execution. A big problem with this film is the lack of a consistent nature to the grand-guignol. And the prevailing air of much of the action is silly as well.

As for the porn: take it or leave it. The porn and violence give the film a split profile that often makes you feel you're watching two different movies, the same effect as a Joe D'Amato flick. But, as with a Joe D'Amato flick, isn't that the reason why we're watching in the first place? To see sex and violence placed side-by-side in tabboo-infringing ways that you almost never see.

Aw, hell. Awful film? Transgressive cult item? Curious novelty? Laughable trash? Offensive morbidity? Who the hell knows? You know you want to see it, so use a slot in your queue and get it over with.

"This is really good" by thingstodo February 6, 2006 - 10:40 PM PST
3 out of 4 members found this review helpful
No. I'm not referring to the movie. I'm quoting a line that was repeated about 5 times by different characters in one scene. One guy would say, "this is really good." The group concurs. Then a girl says, "this is good." The group concurs. Then another guy says, "this is really good." The group concurs....

Reminds me of that scene from "Spies like us" with the doctors introducing one another. Except it was funny then.

Then there's the title. Yes. There were entrails. Yes. There was a virgin. But the entrails were not that of the virgin; they were that of a freaked out girl who, I must correct the sypnosis of the movie, didn't go nuts due to being shocked by the deaths around her. Instead, she freaked out because her ex decided to pop another girl (the virgin). So she just fell into a trance and starts wandering aimlessly losing touch with reality--yeah--as we know so well what women do when their boyfriends dump them. These guys should watch "Fatal Attraction" to confirm their fantasies.

OK. I'm assuming most of the dialog is "lost in translation." So I'll stop picking on it.

As for the rest, I think the director should decide whether to make a porn or a slasher film. Given the almost comical special effects, I'd advice him to just switch to making porn. I think his talents are better utilized there. The reason for this is that the film has too many sex scenes for a slasher film and too many distractions with cheesy slasher scenes (that are not scary) for a porn. Considering "Friday the 13th" was made like 6 good years ahead of this one, there's just no excuse for the bad job.

Actually, now that I think more about it, the sex scenes pretty much sucked, too.

Don't waste your queue slot with this one.

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