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Corn (2004)

Cast: Jena Malone, Jena Malone, Don Harvey, more...
Director: David Silver, Dave Silver, Dave Silver
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Studio: Hart Sharp Video
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 97 min.
Languages: English
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A young mother-to-be attempts to come to terms with her own biology while exploring a potentially deadly environmental accident in this cautionary tale of terror from filmmaker Dave Silver. When a young woman returns to her hometown to give birth to an illegitimate child, she witnesses a shocking environmental accident involving a crop of genetically modified corn. When the community dismisses the young girl's concerns about the corn, she takes a journey deeper and deeper into the food chain to track a byproduct that could spell death for countless unassuming consumers. As she tracks the elusive crop from the cornfield to the supermarket, the young girl's greatest fears are confirmed. Will she be able to stop tragedy from occurring while simultaneously making sense of the developments taking place within her own rapidly changing body? ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

Self Interest vs. the Common Good by talltale November 25, 2004 - 7:17 AM PST
2 out of 3 members found this review helpful
CORN is better than I expected, although its special effects are woeful indeed. Clearly, there was no budget for "mutton handlers" or CGI effects to create sheep gone berserk: Whenever the animals do something naughty, the director cuts away or has the camera rise just enough to keep its subject discretely out of view. A warning about the dangers of genetically-modified food, the movie combines a science-run-amok theme with an interesting look at how business, economics and family life are lived in a small town--and how typical American self-interest can create an unstoppable genetic crisis. The look and feel is documentary-like, and while the naturalistic acting is very good, the writing and direction are just so-so. Finally, though, the movie bites off more than it can chew with hints of possible incest, the daughter's need for older men and other psychological baggage to which the movie can't do justice. I'm bumping the film up an extra notch, just because it's conceived with more ambition and intelligence than are most of this type--even if the execution falls short. Warning: pregnant women should NOT view this one.

Jena Malone is in THIS?! by EPetersen October 27, 2004 - 11:41 AM PDT
2 out of 3 members found this review helpful
This dreadful, lethally boring film is fraudulently marketed as a horror movie. It claims to be both a horror movie and a cautionary fable about the evils of genetically modified food. It fails miserably on both counts. How a smart, talented young actress like Jena Malone, who was so good in Saved! could do such a stupid movie like Corn is beyond me.

Jena stars as Emily Rasmussen, a college student who drops out after getting pregnant and returns to her family's sheep ranch. When the sheep start acting strange, Emily discovers that they have become addicted to a strange weed growing around the corn on the farm next door. The corn is a new, genetically modified crop that is supposed to resist pests. The farmer has been growing the corn for a huge agribusiness corporation.

That's right - there's nothing wrong with the corn, it's just causing mutant weeds to grow. Okay...

As Emily tries to figure out why the sheep are attacking each other and giving birth to deformed babies, she also tries to repair her strained relationship with her father and get the older man who knocked her up to help support her soon-to-be-born baby.

The scientist who created the genetically modified corn doesn't believe that anything is wrong, but the company sends him to investigate. He scoffs as he examines a sample of the mutant weed. Emily's pregnant co-worker miscarries after rescuing her two-year-old from the sheep. The cornfield is magically torn down by the company - we don't see it, Emily mentions it. We don't see any lab testing of the weed or the corn either. We never know what went wrong. Fearing the sheeps' meat may be tainted by the weed they ate, Emily tries to warn people, but is disbelieved. The movie ends abruptly, without a real ending.

Corn runs for 97 minutes, but it moves at a snail's pace and feels like 197 minutes. The script has more holes than a wedge of Swiss cheese, no questions are answered, (most likely due to the $5 budget) nothing really scary ever happens, the plot is preposterous, and worst of all, it does a great disservice to those protesting genetically modified food, which is a serious issue facing people today. I would NEVER eat genetically modified food.

Shame on Jena Malone for appearing in this piece of crap!

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