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Voting in America (2004)

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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Swell Cinema
Genre: Documentary, Independent, Political & Social Issues, Short Films
Running Time: 71 min.

A collection of 9 short documentaries about why some people don't vote and how others are trying to change their minds.

1. A Brief History of Voting, by Francesca Talenti, uses a cast of non-partisan animal characters to recount from eary Greek democracy to present-day U.S. how people have implemented new ways to vote - and cheat. [04:34]

2. Johnny Symons' Still Struggling explores one reality behind voter apathy: the constant daily struggles of single moms like Darnita Goodman that most politicians claim to care about but do very little to change. [05:30]

3. Voting In The District, by Charlene Gilbert, is set against the backdrop of the filmmaker's recent move to Washington D.C., where she must confront her status as a disenfranchised voter against the legacy of the African-American struggle to gain the right to vote. [08:26]

4. In Blackfire, by Aiyana Elliott and Dick Dahl, a Navajo punk rock band devoted to Native American empowerment faces widespread apathy in their struggle to get out the vote on the reservation. [07:08]

5. Christiane Badgley's Choose to Choose takes us inside the Philadelphia jail system, where a highly unusual voter registration and education campaign is attempting to rectify one significant reason for low voter turnout - the disenfranchisement of 4.6 million Americans with felony convictions. [11:45]

6. Texas: Majority, Minority, by Anne Lewis, Laura Verala and Heather Courtney. Despite years of disenfranchisement, the Latino and African American communities in Lockhart, Texas are fighting back - registering voters, running for local office, organizing the first ever MLK Day march in their community. [10:44]

7. 17, by Lily Ng and Lee Gardner seeks to dispel some of the stereotypes surrounding youth voters by focusing on a politically active teen who was a key player in recent challenges to the 26th Amendment: the right of citizens to vote upon reaching the age of 18. [04:32]

8. Over 5% of the voting population in the U.S. identifies as gay or lesbian. Out of the Closet, Into the Booth: The Gay Vote in America, by Tom Shepard, explores how the gay community has galvanized itself into a viable voting bloc and what the implications are for the upcoming 2004 presidential elections. [11:23]

9. Long Division - The Next Big Threat to Democracy, by Josh Kurz and Chris Metzler. For many years, economists have thought about the logic of voting and many have concluded, why bother? At the heart of this story is one of the world's greatest living economists, Public Choice theorist, Gordon Tullock. [07:00]

GreenCine Member Reviews

Not enough of them were good. by MeerkatManor October 27, 2004 - 9:31 AM PDT
2 out of 3 members found this review helpful
"Long Division" was great! If the whole movie was like that, I'd give it a 9. "A Brief History of Voting" was good. The rest were slow, low production value, and difficult to watch.

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