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Shura No Toki: Age of Chaos Vol. 1 (2004)

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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Anime Works
Genre: Anime, Action Anime
Running Time: 125 min.

According to legend, there was a clan of warrior in the Hiean era who were a match for any samurai even though they fought without weapons. They were called the Mutsu clan, and their art was known as the Mutsu Enmei Style. The great samurai, Musashi Miyamoto, cuts down a group of assassins and saves a young nobleman. However, he has no desire to work as an escort. To keep the young master safe, Musashi recommends a passerby from whom he senses great potential. And thus, Yakumo Mutsu becomes a bodyguard, and the young master gains the protection of an invincible warrior.

GreenCine Member Reviews

**False Packaging** Don't fall for it like we did! by ThePendragon November 20, 2005 - 1:31 AM PST
2 out of 4 members found this review helpful
Judging by Battie's review of this title I thought she was a little bias because this person clearly dislikes fighter anime. But in this case Battie was dead on. It is, however, extremely sad that this person cannot tell the difference between the art style in Shura noToki and Street Fighter! Hmm.. Let's see, the countless talented artists at Capcom versus some artist who thought it might be cute to put female features on the face of a badly drawn man. You read that right, if your expecting the same kind of quality and detail you see on the slip cover, you're gonna be in world of disappointment.

It quickly struck me that unless the main character got hit in the face with a shovel, he wasn't gonna look any cooler than what he did in the first five minutes of the show.

So to sum things up, don't rent this pile! If you want a good anime fighter go and checkout Street Fighter II: The animated movie.

I should've known better by the art on the cover... by Battie May 19, 2005 - 11:04 AM PDT
4 out of 5 members found this review helpful
Okay, I see all these high ratings, so I may be the only dissenter. I started to watch Shura no Toki and made it through the first episode and part of the second. Maybe it gets better after that. But, in that short span of time, several things hit me.

First, the art is...ugh. The men look like they've been pumping steroids (and I mean that in the sense that their heads don't really fit on their bodies). I've only seen maybe three minutes worth of StreetFighter, but Shura no Toki's art style reminds me of that. I could forgive that, as it's a preference and not a necessity. But the backgrounds were often lackluster. In fact, Captain Planet had better backgrounds.

Second, the fighting. Does it need that much posturing? They stay locked in place for about forty-five seconds, one or two hits later, it's over. Fun, no? This anime has every earmark of a classic fighting anime that helped give anime a bad name to begin with. The arrogance of the villains, this simplistic attitude of the "heroes" that basically says they enjoyed fighting for the sake of fighting? Whatever.

Third, it was just plain boring. I found myself attempting to watch the entire first disc, but when I began getting a restless, itchy feeling urging me to do something else, I decided it was enough. The only reason I gave it more than a one is because I've seen worse. But then, that isn't saying a whole lot. Basically, unless you really, really like fighting animes, pass on this one.

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