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The Slayers: Next - DVD Collection (2000)

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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Software Sculptors
Genre: Anime, Comedy Anime, Fantasy Anime, Swords and Sorcery Anime
Languages: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English
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This title is currently out of print.

The Days of Yore Were Filled With Tales of Courageous and Virtuous Heroes... This is not one of them.

Let the forces of evil tremble in fear (along with wealthy merchants and innocent bystanders)... THE SLAYERS ARE BACK! Join the not-so-

heroic adventures of Lina Inverse - the super-cute sorceress who steals

from the rich and keeps it for herself! Along with her sword-swinging

(but dumber than dirt) sidekick, Gourry, her hyper-enthusiastic protégé,

Amelia, and the tormented and overly-serious golem, Zelgadis, there's

nothein Lina can't do!

GreenCine Member Ratings

The Slayers: Next - DVD Collection (Disc 1 of 4) (2000)
read reviews    New Listadd to list
7.85 (133 votes)
The Slayers: Next - DVD Collection (Disc 2 of 4) (2000)
read reviews    New Listadd to list
8.09 (81 votes)
The Slayers: Next - DVD Collection (Disc 3 of 4) (2000)
read reviews    New Listadd to list
7.98 (120 votes)
The Slayers: Next - DVD Collection (Disc 4 of 4) (2000)
read reviews    New Listadd to list
8.17 (113 votes)

GreenCine Member Reviews

Lina and the Lord of Nightmares by hneline1 June 27, 2002 - 6:20 PM PDT
1 out of 1 members found this review helpful
This disk contains episodes 47 - 52, which is the end of the second TV season, and it's an exciting, action-packed culmination. We find out why the Mazoku are after Lina and more about Xellos the Mysterious Priest. Lina and the gang battle increasingly powerful Mazoku -- the Demon Dragon King Gaav, then Hellmaster Phibrizzo, then something about the Lord of Nightmares, who is the ultimate lord of chaos in the Slayers universe. It was also fun to see some relationships possibly developing among the gang, but, don't worry, that doesn't get in the way of the battles and slapstick and fast-paced action. This continues to be a vastly entertaining and hilarious series.

Rolling around in laughter by hneline1 June 26, 2002 - 7:34 PM PDT
1 out of 1 members found this review helpful
My, my, this disk starts off with some extremely hilarious episodes and then smoothly escalates into a major story arc. I'm tickled. Yes, it's silly. Yes, it's just pure escapist entertainment. But it's not bad to roll around in laughter, right? My favorite episode on this disk is the one where Lina and the gang investigate a haunted tower where a sorcerous puppet master used to live. In order to enter the tower without being attacked by the remaining puppets, the gang dress up in costumes to fit in -- Lina is a pink pony making clopping noises as she runs, Gourry is a jelly fish, Zelgadis is a white bunny rabbit and very unhappy about it. This is a great parody of the normal action anime situation where a team of good guys runs through a castle and each person must overcome an enemy as they penetrate deeper. Then, the last few episodes finally reveal what is happening in the Mazoku world, although we still don't know why Lina is being targetted. We have to watch the next disk to find out. ;-) This disk contains episodes 40 - 46.

So what's up with the Mazoku? by hneline1 June 25, 2002 - 10:58 PM PDT
This disk contains episodes 33 - 39. Lina, Gourry, Amelia and Zelgadis journey back to the kingdom of Seyruun to continue looking for the Claire Bible, with Xellos tagging along. They find Seyruun mourning Crown Prince Phil, Amelia's father, whose death may have been caused by a conspiracy in the royal house. Of course, Lina and the gang take up the noble cause (oops, I sound too much like Amelia there).. er.. negotiate a good reward for finding the ones who are responsible and of course get well fed too. During their adventures, two powerful Mazoku appear (magical demons of the "Monster Race") who must be fought and sundry other things happen, like Lina's sorceress powers get trapped under a curse. Now, what's up with the Mazoku? Something bigger is going on and we have to watch the next DVD to find out! ;-) This series continues to be light-hearted, well-paced, and hilarious with plenty of slapstick humor and action.

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