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Gantz vol. 1: Game of Death (2005)

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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: ADV Films
Genre: Anime, Horror Anime, Science Fiction Anime
Running Time: 50 min.

The last thing Kei remembers is the train running over his body. Now he is in a room filled with strangers, all resurrected by the featureless black sphere known only as the Gantz. But their reprieve from death may only be temporary, for unless they undertake the brutal missions that the Gantz assigns, all of them will die again. The series that shocked Japan is unleashed in the first uncut and brutal volume of GANTZ!

GreenCine Member Reviews

A Pure Dose of the "Good Stuff"... by LucidThawt December 23, 2005 - 6:26 PM PST
2 out of 3 members found this review helpful
Whatching this series has been absolutely the diffinitve reason for the keeping of my GreenCince account! If not for the outragious motif's such as gratuitous SEX, Nudity, violence, and dirty character inner-monologue-ing... Than just the simple fact that Gantz is a revelation in sciencefiction anime, and a revolution in the post-Y2K-Anime community; should be reason enough for any anime-film fan to watch, or any indy-film fan for that matter~!
If Ninja Scroll, The Guyver, or Wiked City was a personal favorite; and you have the patience for a full series that's longer than a 90min movie... Than Gantz, my friends, is your "cup of tea".

A second look... by Battie August 22, 2005 - 10:04 PM PDT
4 out of 5 members found this review helpful
My original review stated a lot of things that I no longer necessarily agree with. It's still morbid, still has a bit too much profanity, nudity and gore, but it also has something that made me want to watch. And that thing became stronger as the series ran on.

Gantz, besides having a lot of action, also centers on a lot of character development. The first two episodes were largely off-putting, thanks to my initial repulsion to characters who seemed very immoral and the overall perverse tone it sometimes took, but watching a little longer gave much more insight into the main characters and the reasons behind their actions and thoughts. It also made it necessary to keep watching. I loved the fact that the main character (Kei?) grew with his experiences.

The worse thing for the series is actually part of the very same thing that creates its appeal. The use of character development often had to rely on the characters' inner thoughts (though, in tradition of Japanese anime, these thoughts were often revealed verbally to other characters). After a while, this sometimes became tedious, especially if it occurred in the middle of a "hunt." Then there was the main female character, who was fairly irritating most of the time, thanks to her lack of confidence and borderline Pollyanna attitude.

But beside those things, Gantz came out as a really interesting anime. The animation was more modern looking than not, and you can imagine some of the detail that went into those action scenes. It also stands out from other anime, if only for the sheer insistence on revealing some of the darker sides of every individual (even the "good" ones).

its kinda weird by dvyi June 9, 2005 - 9:56 AM PDT
1 out of 4 members found this review helpful
This DVD is only 2 episodes long. So when i saw that i expected there to only be 3 discs like flcl, but i guess there are at least 4 more after this one.

There is nudity and some gore, but the story is way different. It seems like it could turn out ok, or it could just be boring. Ive only seen this first disc and the story has gone no where yet. It indroduced the characters, and went halfway through the first action scene.

id reccomend a rental i think. the strange story makes it worth a rental i guess, at least to give it a try.

It was almost boring, but the animation was pretty good. It didnt remind me of blood the last vampire... but it was still pretty good. Blood was much better.

the characters take forever to react, and you hear all their thought chatter.. it cool at first, but gets a little annoying after a while. Its not super annoying but sometimes i just wanted them to shut up and act.

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