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The Irresponsible Captain Tylor - TV Series Vol. 2: Did Someone Say "Luck"? (2001)

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Studio: A.D.V. Films
Genre: Anime, Comedy Anime, Science Fiction Anime
Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese
Subtitles: English, Japanese
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Common wisdom is that being a soldier is a rather nasty business with a great deal of blood and killing, and that's still true after mankind had discovered a way to cross interstellar distances. Nobility, Intelligence, self-sacrifice... all of these are essential to a soldier. And then, there's Tylor.

An enigma (don't define that for him... he'd just fall asleep), Tylor has an undiscovered gift. He goes through life with an air of complacency that would give granite a run for it's money. He may be, however, the one person who can save the World.

8: Life is Short, So Girls Should Kill.

Harumi's superiors are getting impatient with her inability to come up with a way to neutralize Tylor. It therefore falls to her to deal with him and leave his insert body floating in space. Tylor, in the meantime, is only thinking about the Miss Soyokaze contest which is about to start... you expected him to be concerned about something?

9: When You Wish Upon a Flower.

It appears that Tylor's rather casual style of command has caught up with him... the Soyokaze is being sent out to the boonies where it will hopefully be forgotten. The crew, though, has one chance at redemption: Tylor can appeal the high command's decision in person before a specified time. Of course, he has this thing about doing what he's supposed to...

10: Mind Eye's, Half Blind, Headed For a Rough Ride.

Kojiro, a pilot who's legendary in his own mind, has pretty much had the run of the ship as far as fighter piloting goes. So, what happens when both Emi and Yumi decide they want a piece of the fighter jockey pia as well? Only Tylor can solve the problem... but will there be any pilots left afterward?

11: In Demotion Does a Woman Bloom.

Yuriko had obviously hoped that her reform measures would last for more than a few days, but it seems they haven't. Crew members are switching off on the duty roster without telling anyone, and the worst rule-bender is Kim. Tylor, of course, wants everyone to do whatever they want; therefore Kim and Yuriko are now on a collision course!

12: The Day The Soyokaze Vanished.

Of the many stories told about the Soyokaze is one particularly bizarre one of a past Captain and his crew (also demoted) who all killed themselves on board. The story continues that on a certain day and a certain time, the Captain's unquiet spirit roams the corridors looking to destroy the living. Suppose it isn't just a story...?

13: Be Prepared, Be Smart, or Be Lucky.

Admiral Donan, with blood in his eyes and a turkey leg in his hand, has sworn to avenge his previous loss to the UPSF by destroying Tylor. With Donan and a sizable portion of the Raalgon fleet after them, the Soyokaze is doing perhaps the worst possible thing: sailing directly through the front lines! Only a genius... or Captain Tylor... has any chance at all!

14: Equation of Kindness.

As if Captian Tylor and the Soyokaze couldn't get any more attention from the Raalgon forces, more of their resources are being brought to bear! Shia-Has, another capable commander, has decreed that she will be the one to bring Tylor in alive, and with some help she'll do just that!

GreenCine Member Reviews

Waiting for the payoff by DNelson6 September 21, 2011 - 2:07 PM PDT
I rented this title because I was led to believe it was funny. I did find myself laughing at times. The characters are likable and situations arise that are comical. However, I was a little disappointed by the plot turn as the captain truly seems to be irresponsible. I was waiting for any hint that he actually had a plan, however incomprehensible it might be to those around him. If he is just a likable idiot, I'm not sure I can stick with the show. I am waiting on the first volume, so I am viewing it in reverse order.

Mr. Irresponsible by Mysteerie July 26, 2004 - 1:47 PM PDT
1 out of 1 members found this review helpful
The Irresponsible Captain Tylor was one of the most memorable animes I have seen in a while. Its comedy was top notch, and watching each episode wants to make you go on the next. The first few episodes were a bit slow, but when he finally took Captain, it was non-stop fun. I specifically enjoyed the personality of the Captain and his Happy-Go-Lucky attitude.

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