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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 1 (Disc 2 of 3) back to product details

"Buffy" season one, disc two
written by Saroz November 14, 2004 - 12:49 PM PST
2 out of 2 members found this review helpful
The second disc of "Buffy" season one contains these episodes:

"Never Kill a Boy on the First Date"

The first decent dusting! Finally, after five episodes, the Master actually comes off as a threat - not easy with the pointy face and the silly voice. The team bickering is also running like clockwork, now; Xander's dating advice is especially good. The story is simple, but no doubt one that needed to be told early on in the show. Thankfully, Owen's a pretty likeable guy, so the dating stuff is easy to watch, even if the Anointed One subplot is ultimately the more engaging. The next-to-last scene is a crusher, and though the final revelation is important, the episode probably should have been reworked to end with Buffy and Giles' discussion. 7/10

"The Pack"

There's an underlying thread of cruelty in this episode that makes it, at times, very hard to watch. I mean, it's just not nice to make Willow cry! More than that, though, it's hard to see a kind, lovable character like Xander turn into a coarse, hateful guy - and that's what ultimately makes the concept so successful. Yet again, as with "Teacher's Pet," a kindly adult influence is murdered, but this time, the rest of the episode matches the horror. Unlike so many this season, it's not about kids bumbling into stupid situations, nor another stage in the Master's plan; it's something much more direct and horrific. Nicholas Brendon plays his altered role perfectly, and for once, a slow-motion music interlude actually adds to the ambience. It's also interesting to see the early seeds of the Angel/Xander rivalry, as well as - probably coincidentally - the Oz/Willow relationship in later seasons. 9/10.


A strangely dour and talky episode; I haven't been able to keep my attention fully on it either time I've seen it. David Boreanaz is finally - thankfully! - given some interesting material, which is a blessing since his character's name is on the episode. His performance still isn't the best, though; that honor belongs to Julie Benz, obviously making enough of an impression as Darla to reappear throughout the "Angel" spinoff. The whole thing seems unusually light to take up a whole episode, possibly because of the Master's continuous inactivity, and the fact that Buffy's friends are only marginally essential to the plot. It was a necessary episode, yes, but it's nowhere near as good as a lot of fans make it out to be. 6.5/10

"I Robot...You, Jane"

Man, this thing was dated the instant it was broadcast. It can never quite decide what it wants, so it alternates its treatment of online relationships from overly creepy to laughably daft. Who actually ever said "jacked in" by the late '90s? Why do all the computers talk? And how is it Sunnydale High doesn't have any firewalls or virus protection? Aside from the techno-gimmickry, though, it's not awful - and if nothing quite fits together at the end, it's not for lack of the actors' trying. Alyson Hannigan plays her part well, even opposite an expressionless robot, and the Jenny/Giles bickering is quite funny. Were this part of the season's plot arc, I'd be less forgiving; as it is, it's moderately entertaining filler. 6.0/10

Finally, the disc includes a photo gallery for the entire first season, and - culled from the VHS release - brief comments from series creator Joss Whedon on "The Witch" (from disc one) and "Never Kill a Boy on a First Date."

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