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Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

Cast: Stephen Chow, Yuen Wah, Leung Siu Lung, more...
Director: Stephen Chow
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Studio: Columbia TriStar
Genre: Action, Foreign, Costume Drama/Period Piece, Hong Kong, China, Martial Arts, Wuxia, Quest, Revenge
Running Time: 100 min.
Languages: English, French, Cantonese
Subtitles: English, French
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The work of international superstar Stephen Chow, Kung Fu Hustle is a humorous, special-effects-filled, action-packed martial arts epic set in early '40s China. A bumbling thief named Sing (Stephen Chow) desires to be the toughest member of the dreaded gangster hit squad known as The Axe Gang, but to completely join the gang he has to commit murder. When Sing attempts to rob a crowded run-down apartment complex known as Pig Sty Alley, the locals begin to defend themselves with some high-flying kung fu skills, and a tiny war erupts between the local masters and the axe-wielding gang. After the gang busts the ancient kung fu king known as The Beast (Leung Siu Lung) out of jail, tensions reach a boiling point as Pig Sty Alley's landlady (Yuen Qiu) leads an all-out attack against the gang and Sing discovers his true heroic fate. Kung Fu Hustle, which set box-office records across Asia during its December 2004 release, also stars Yuen Wah and Xing Yu, and features fight choreography by legendary masters of martial arts cinema Yuen Woo Ping and Sammo Hung. ~ Jason Gibner, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

Review for Average Joe by Sanjer November 15, 2005 - 2:09 PM PST
1 out of 4 members found this review helpful
I give this film a 9 because it made me laugh, cry, and had a unique quality that makes it very re-watchable. I don't think many people won't enjoy this movie.

It's a "Hustle," all right... by talltale August 7, 2005 - 7:54 AM PDT
5 out of 13 members found this review helpful
Basically a series of stunts (most of which use extreme special effects), KUNG FU HUSTLE is another (like "Shaolin Soccer") of Stephen Chow's valentines to Kung Fu films. Perhaps I'm not the great lover of this genre that I imagined myself because I find Chow's films more tiresome than fun as they go on (and on).

Yes, this one combines some of the Road-runner/Wiley Coyote shtick along side a little bizarre ultra-violence, which sometimes makes a less-than-appetizing combo. As the story is so simple and sentimental, it demands something more original than a succession of clever acrobatics and a nod to the "higher power" (toward the wrap-up, a Buddha-like figure appears in the clouds). Maybe the sensibility that Jacques Demy brought to his fairy tale "Donkey Skin" would do the trick?

The film has a high gloss, its action pranks do keep you going for awhile, and yes, the landlady is pretty funny until she turns, along with her hubby, all mushy--which appears to contradict everything that has gone before. The nods to American movie musicals are fun, too, although Takeshi Kitano does it better in "The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi." I can understand audiences being enamored (a hit abroad, the film didn't do all that much on American soil), but hello, critics of the world: Did you check your faculties in the lobby, or were you simply desperate for a good time? For the pseudo-demanding, there is one to be found here.

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