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Crest of the Stars Vol. 1 - To The Stars (2001)

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Studio: Bandai
Genre: Anime, Science Fiction Anime
Running Time: 100 min.
Languages: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English
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This title is currently out of print.

Jinto Lin's life changes forever the day that the alien race known as the Abh invade his home planet of Martine. Without firing a shot, the Abh take over, and as the result of a peace settlement, Jinto suddenly finds himself alien royalty. Now, as a new member of the Abh royalty, Jinto must leave his home and go far away to study and learn about a lifestyle he never imagined - or wanted.

Jinto stands ready to continue the next phase of his training. And en route, he finally meets his first Abh, the lovely and confident Lafiel. But she, like all the Abhs, is more than she appears to be.

But there is little time for pleasantries, as Jinto and Lafiel soon find themselves in the midst of what threatens to become an interstellar war. And this unlikely duo will wind up depending upon each other for their very lives.

GreenCine Member Reviews

Solid science fiction space opera by hneline1 September 9, 2002 - 5:43 PM PDT
29 out of 29 members found this review helpful
Do you like the rich world-building in Star Trek and the sweep of history in Asimov's Foundation series? Do you like smart dialog and deliberate plot escalation over a series of episodes, rather than the frantic battle-an-episode that some anime demand? "Crest of the Stars" impresses me as an intelligent, solid science fiction tale that reminds me more of a good Sci Fi adventure novel than your basic space fighter anime.

Jinto Lin is a 17 year old who became a reluctant noble when his father, president of the planet Martine, was forced to broker a deal with the detested Humankind Empire Abh. He is no longer accepted by normal humans because of his Abh rank yet he is still quite ignorant of the Abh culture. On his way to training school to serve a required stint in the military, he meets 16 year old Abh Pilot Trainee Lafiel. These two have the sharpest, most natural dialog as they learn about each other and then must deal with unexpected situations, such as the military cruiser transporting them being attacked in the opening move of a great war against the Abh.

What I like best is that Jinto and Lafiel are believable teenagers -- they are not perfect or superhuman, and they get out of scrapes through their own resourcefulness. What I like next is that the story environment is amazing rich -- from the Abh language and writing system, to the consistent science of their space travel and future worlds, to the glimpses of the layers of cultures and societies that Jinto and Lafiel move through. I can understand why Japanese fans obsess over this universe much in the same way as they can obsess over Star Trek or Tolkien. It makes me wish that the original science fiction novels by Hiroyuki Morioka, on which this series is based, were translated into English. Oh well, maybe in a few more years... in the meanwhile, there are the four disks of this anime series to go through... and then the sequel anime series (Battle Flag of the Stars?) whenever that is finally released onto DVD. :-)

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243 Votes
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