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Blue Seed Perfect Collection Vol. 1: The Nightmare Begins (1995)

Director: Jun Kamiya
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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: ADV Films
Genre: Anime, Animation, Cel
Running Time: 180 min.
Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese
Subtitles: English
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This title is currently out of print.

For thousands of years the forces of the Aragami have been held in check by a steady diet of human sacrifices, but now the bonds have been broken and mankind's oldest and deadliest enemies are stirring. To combat an enemy who can attack anywhere, anytime, without notice will require the most talented agents from around the world and every resource available to modern civilization. The most effective armaments, however, could be two very special human weapons. Joining the battle are Momiji Fujimiya, last daughter of the family charged with containing the Aragami, and Mamoru Kusanagi, former servant of Aragami.

Contains episodes 1-7:

  • Princess Kushinada
  • It's Cruel! It's Mysterious! It's My Destiny!
  • It's Spring! It's the Capital! I'll Do My Best!
  • More Bad Luck! Why Does This Always Happen to Me?
  • Surprise! She's the Mother of Science!
  • Complicated & Hard to Understand! Being a Man Puts You Into Such a Difficult Position!
  • I'm Fired Up! I'll Do It! Because I'm the Kushinada!

GreenCine Member Reviews

Plenty of monster action and a mystery that builds very deftly by hneline1 May 8, 2003 - 2:30 AM PDT
10 out of 10 members found this review helpful

I like Blue Seed. It's a well-paced adventure tale with plenty of monster action and a mystery that builds very deftly. Although some of the episodes seem self-contained with a demon appearing and being defeated in each, many elements continually develop so it doesn't feel episodic and static. I especially enjoyed the changing relationship between Kusanagi and Momiji, which began as hunter/hunted and kept metamorphing with each encounter. There is also a subtle theme of the warping of nature -- the horror is darker because it is the normally peaceful things in nature (an ancient tree, a cicada, a butterfly, running water) that is suddenly changed into something very destructive.

Keep in mind that not all anime with a tentacle monster is hentai. I didn't see any blatantly sexual situations, and the women are pretty much covered up. There is a running gag of the cute animals on Momiji's panties but I didn't feel offended, probably because Momiji just doesn't feel like a victim or object, even when her underwear is showing. The bloody deaths and violence fit into the horror/adventure theme, but it isn't overly gruesome. If you like the level of adventure, characterization and bloodiness in Yuzo Takada's other works (3x3 Eyes), you'll like this one.

Also, watch this in Japanese -- Megumi Hayashibara as Momiji is delightful to hear. There are a few "omake" in the extras that are a bit racy -- in one, there's an alternate telling of Kusanagi's methods where he has been taking pictures of the women in various states of .. exposure. It was pretty funny to see omake that are actually edgy.

A good vaguely Lovecraft inspired anime by cedrickstanton November 13, 2002 - 10:14 AM PST
6 out of 7 members found this review helpful
Blue Seed is the story of a girl named Momiji who is the reincarnation of an old princess. She's pursued by ancient demon/alien things that look like Cthulhu-mythos monsters. The monsters are created by blue seeds that mutate people or animals.

Soon comes along an earthling defense force that shoots the alien monsters with big guns and magical powers. Momiji joins up with them, and they start investigating the mysterious monster invasion.

If this all sounds kind of typical, thats because there is nothing revolutionary about this anime. It's an excellent example of the genre, though, and if this sounds like it would be up your alley then you would probably not be disappointed by Blue Seed.

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