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Aliens of the Deep back to product details

Turd of the Deep
written by RRiehl December 23, 2005 - 12:08 PM PST
6 out of 6 members found this review helpful
I rented this movie with high expectations. The title/cover suggests awesome images of undersea lifeforms and new discoveries. I take a deep interest in nature and the way things work. So, suffice to say, I was hoping to get a film that would show some insight with intellect. Instead, the film treats the viewer as a person with a 3rd to 4th grade mentality. Although not a scientist, I am not an utter idiot as this film assumes everyone watching it is. I think the most intellegent comment of the film was, "Wow, that's the bomb!". Hhhmm. It's nice to know that "space scientists"(sic) are so human and "just like us" cool, but I personally, would not mind hearing some information....any information.....please. I do not expect the film to be so esoteric that no one can keep up, but I could have made better comments than the so-called "specialists" after putting down 5 shots of whiskey and waking up half naked in an alley the night before. Challenge our minds! Please! My girlfriend, who is from Bangalore, remarked at how everything, educationally, is dumbed down to a T in this country (I agree, for the most part). Well Aliens of the Deep is a stellar turd of an example. James Cameron is the biggest wannabe scientist poser of all time. He has the cash to throw around and make any movie he wants, but that doesn't make him good at it. Stick with SCi-Fi, Cameron. I am not sure if it is that he was donning an extreme Fox racing jersey or the BS CG fantasy scenes that were forced in. All of a sudden the film talks about how the moon Europa might have an ocean like Earth's and then submersibles encountering alien jellyfish. That is the extent of the film. There is about 5 minutes, MAX, of undersea life. The rest is rock formations and James Cameron making non-stop comments about "that's the biggest bio mass accumulation he has ever seen". What a load. Don't watch this garbage. There is not one single shred of scientifically based commentary or intellectually structured plot/narrative. This is a quasi-documentary with science fiction based CG masturbation. Cameron is an idiot. Cameron built special submersibles for this movie and I still have learned more from a national geographic magazine from 20 years ago. This movie is his golden child of mid-life crisis. He should have just bought a Harley. Sorry Ebert & Roeper...2 thumbs down.


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