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Four Brothers (2005)

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, more...
Director: John Singleton, John Singleton
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Studio: Paramount
Genre: Action, Drama, Crime, Quest, Revenge
Running Time: 108 min.
Languages: English, French
Subtitles: English, Spanish
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Four men come together to find out how and why the woman who raised them was killed in this hard-edged urban drama from director John Singleton. Short-tempered Bobby (Mark Wahlberg), struggling musician Jack (Garrett Hedlund), streetwise Angel (Tyrese Gibson), and hard-working Jeremiah (Andre Benjamin) are four guys who don't appear to have much in common, in terms of either race or temperament. However, these men have one very important bond -- all four were adopted and raised by the same woman (Fionnula Flanagan), and they all love her as a mother, and respect one another as brothers. When their mother is killed during a robbery at a grocery store, the four brothers come together for the funeral, but when they don't get straight answers about what happened to her, they begin looking into the crime themselves. The deeper they dig into the case, the more the brothers begin to suspect that the shooting wasn't an accident, and that powerful and unexpected forces were involved. Four Brothers marked one of the first starring roles for Andre Benjamin, better known as Andre 3000 of the top selling hip-hop group OutKast. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

Four Fools by shizz April 28, 2008 - 2:26 AM PDT
This movie was stupid. It basically made no sense, it was implausible. The things that these four 'brothers' did - the violence and intrusions, there was no way in the world they could've gotten away with any of that, especially crashing a gym full of basketball players and gamegoers with a gun, threatening and forcing themselves on targets with several hundred people complying - and this is supposed to be a tough ghetto hood. The gay 'brother' is always the butt of the sarcasm and he takes it complyingly. It was stupid.

Enjoyable...... by soulcake17 November 20, 2007 - 5:28 PM PST
1 out of 1 members found this review helpful
These are not noble characters, but that's what makes them interesting (though any of them could have benefited from further character development). Scumbags have feelings, too, especially for Moms, so I enjoyed watching these four brothers track down their mother's assassins. The concept of four adopted and obviously non-related (two black, two white) brothers of a benevolent foster mom was intriguing enough to me to warrant a look. There was a car chase seen that was overlong (surely for the benfit of the targeted 20something male demographic), but by and large I enjoyed this film. No, it's not terribly deep, but it was cool enough to spend a couple of hours with, and contained a line that made me giggle: "Naw, he's not dead. Just real fucked up. Let's go talk to him now."

Four Creeps (More, if You Count the Non-Relations) by talltale December 8, 2005 - 9:07 PM PST
3 out of 6 members found this review helpful
I think by now most everyone has admitted that we overrated John Singleton's early effort "Boyz 'n the Hood." But could anything have prepared us for the likes of FOUR BROTHERS? This is cinematic excrement of a particularly foul odor: pointless macho posturing peopled by a worthless pack of nitwit characters, any one of whom you'd be happy to see wiped off the face of the earth ASAP.

Venal, stupid, sexist and violent, the characters (and the movie) lurch from one misbegotten scene to the next, and it's difficult differentiating the good guys from the bad, the merely dumb from the utterly stupid. The plot is carelessly assembled, the one big action scene poorly thought-out and grossly unbelievable, and the combination of logic lack and coincidence aplenty makes for one of the more disheartening movie experiences this year (maybe this decade). That "4 Bros" was one of Paramount's marginally successful ventures of the past year offers proof enough that major change was needed at that studio.

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