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El Hazard OVA (1995)

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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Geneon
Genre: Anime, Fantasy Anime, Swords and Sorcery Anime
Languages: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English
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El Hazard OVA (Disc 1 of 2) (1995)
Like a dream from a time faraway, A sweet memory lingers from the distant past, Like a kingdom that your reach, After many years of Dreaming. El-Hazard is the eternal homeland, And the land of never-ending adventures. As long as there is a challenging spirit, And a readiness to fly into infinity, The gate to El-Hazard shall be opened for you. Across millions of nights!

El Hazard OVA Vol. 2 (1995)
Disc Two contains the following El Hazard OVA (Magnificent World) Episodes:
Episode Five - "Fifth Night: The World of Thunder"
Episode Six - "Sixth Night: The World of Gleaming Light"
Episode Seven - "Seventh Night: The World of Endless Adventures"

Disc One contains the following El Hazard OVA (Magnificent World) Episodes:
Episode One - "First Night: Battle Field of Confusion"
Episode Two - "Second Night: The World of Beautiful Girls"
Episode Three - "Third Night: The World of Hot Springs"
Episode Four - "Fourth Night: The World of the Demon God"

GreenCine Member Ratings

El Hazard OVA (Disc 1 of 2) (1995)
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7.92 (130 votes)
El Hazard OVA Vol. 2 (1995)
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8.09 (105 votes)

GreenCine Member Reviews

Three Priestesses, Two Princesses, and A Demon God(dess) - How could you miss? by cmeddins October 4, 2003 - 1:12 PM PDT
5 out of 5 members found this review helpful
Net - I recommend - creative, funny, and sometimes touching. The guys who voiced Jinnai (English and Japanese) must have gone through a boat load of throat lozenges to pull off that maniacal laugh. They should do a montage just of his laughing scences as a bonus extra! As the description says this collection covers the first OVA series (Disk 1 and 2) and the second OVA series (Disk 3). I'll focus on OVA Series 1 here. In addition to the primary storyline (Bugs - bad (and funny), humans - good (and funny), others - mysterious and creepy (and decidedly not funny)) the first OVA series introduces most of the characters and their very interesting world. There are a lot of creative ideas flowing throughout the story - now how to describe yet avoid spoilers. There's a bit of Prince and the Pauper + Bosom Buddies (you're as cute as the prince - uh princess?), a dash of The Hulk (don't make me sober, you won't like me when I'm sober), Aliens (bad news, the bugs are right around the corner - game over man!), Charlie's Angels (Nothing like a good goddess soak in the hot spring before we unseal the eye of god and save the world - again!), Aladdin (Oy! 10,000 years sealed in the cave of wonders can give you a crick in the neck - could you wind my back please?), Wargames (Global Thermonuclear War? I'm not sure but it's great!) Well, it's a lot more clever than that was anyway. Couple of specifics: I liked English voice for Shayla Shayla and some of her liberal interpretations. Fujisawa was also pretty funny in English. I also liked the English dub of Ura the cat (I dug the cat - whoever came up with that one should write 101 Ways to Use a Live Cat!). English Jinnai was best. The rest I think I preferred the Japanese voicing though the English was fine. If the subtitles were accurate the English dub was a little more wacky than the Japanese though they clearly had fun too. The animation was fine - a bit too softly colored for me - pink goddess fire? Music was okay - nothing stuck in my head from this disk though the ending theme in OVA2 was catchy (I think I heard it before and it's driving me nuts). I mentioned touching - I loved the Makota and Ifurita storyline and the resolution in the ending of the first OVA series on disk 2 and the ending credits that followed (sob - maybe pink fire is okay too.). Fanservice - PG13+ - Nudity in third ep, underaged (or undersized) lesbian lech (not that there's anything wrong with that). Alcohol - lot of sake sessions (though a good message on what you may sacrifice for a buzz - sorta). Violence - Let's just say the MAD defense doesn't seem to work in El Hazard. Not overly graphic violence though millions may have actually died in the course of the action. There is a close quarter knife fight but it's not gory. EL Hazard is perhaps most similar to the Tenchi Muyo OVA had it all been on Jurai instead of Earth. Not sure if they lived up to the full potential of all their ideas in the final work but I'm adding El Hazard - the Alternative World to my queue to see what else they can come up with.

Fujisawa Rules! by hneline1 September 26, 2002 - 7:03 PM PDT
6 out of 6 members found this review helpful
Oh man, this was funny. This disk contains the end of the first OVA series and it's hilarious. Considering the simple premise (boy gets transported to another universe and has adventures while all these girls chase him), this series presents a lot of innovative twists in the plot and characters with many laugh out loud moments. It's almost a straight-faced parody of your regular fantasy adventure tale. It's also a very sweet series, in that there's no gross violence or nudity or sex or totally evil characters and the ending is hopeful and romantic. ;-p However, don't watch this if you have any gay/lesbian/cross-dressing hangups -- some of the characters get into some pretty funny (but innocent) situations because of those issues. BTW, Fujisawa is the teacher and his superheroic mode is a crack-up.

Hilarious and inventive by hneline1 September 20, 2002 - 6:08 PM PDT
14 out of 14 members found this review helpful
A normal high school boy, the boy's rival, a teacher, and the rival's sister are transported to a fantasy world. That theme occurs a lot in anime. Where this series distinguishes itself is in its hilarious quirkiness -- the boy, Makoto, looks exactly like a missing princess in the world of El Hazard, so he's asked to masquerade as her throughout his adventures. Yes, he wanders around in drag. Then there's his teacher, who wants desperately to stay drunk all the time and realizes that he has superhuman strength in El Hazard... which only appears if he's sober. There's also a cat who protects Makoto by wrapping itself around him like a bullet-proof vest, the missing princess' girlfriend who cheerfully gloms to all the pretty girls in the story, three priestesses who could teach Sailor Moon a few tricks, an army of enemy bugs who are surprised to have personalities, and the rival, Jinnai, who allies with the enemy and has the absolutely craziest laugh. By the end of this disk, my friends and I were cracking up just hearing Jinnai's laugh. This is an inventive, funny, fantasy adventure with a smooth storyline and surprising characters. Definitely worth watching.

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