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Parasite Eve (1997)

Cast: Tomoko Nakajima, Hiroshi Mikami, Riona Hazuki
Director: Masayuki Ochiai
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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: A.D.V. Films
Genre: Foreign, Horror, Science Fiction , Japan, Asian Horror
Running Time: 120 min.
Subtitles: English
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This title is currently out of print.

Masayuki Ochiai makes his screen debut with this bio-horror flick about killer mitochondria threatening to dominate humanity from within, based on Sena Hideaki's best-selling book. The film opens with a traffic accident that renders the scientist Toshiaki Nagashima's (Hiroshi Mikami) wife, Kiyomi (Riona Hazuki), brain dead on the day of their first wedding anniversary. Grief-stricken, he vows to make her live again and steals her liver from her corpse. While examining the disembodied organ, a sticky goo attacks his assistant, Sachiko (Tomoko Nakajima), and suddenly Sachiko turns into Toshiaki's dead wife. Later, the scientist realizes that his dead wife is in fact a dastardly organization of sentient mitochondria bent on making a new species that will wipe out humanity. Will mankind's cytoplastic foe prevail? ~ Jonathan Crow, All Movie Guide

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GreenCine Member Reviews

When Mitochondria Goes Bad! by Brujaria November 1, 2003 - 4:44 PM PST
5 out of 5 members found this review helpful
(This review is rather vague to avoid giving out any spoilers - even though the GC description is nothing but spoilers)

I've been meaning to check out the import release of this flick for years and now that I have, I'm a bit nonplussed.

Unlike other viewers, I didn't find the first half to be "boring" but once the film actually finishes setting up the pins and starts the ball rolling, it gets silly really damn quick.

At first the premise (which will have any biology student rolling in the aisles) sounds implausible but promising. Unfortunately, once we get to the meat of the film and the premise starts taking shape the absurdity starts transcending any sort of willing suspension of disbelief. By the time you reach the end, I guarantee even the most die hard viewer (like myself) will be rolling their eyes, if not shouting "what the hell is that crap!?"

It does make me want to hunt down a used copy of the PSX game, though. Maybe the ludicrous plot will be more entertaining in that medium.

As a side note, I did enjoy director Masayuki Ochiai's Hypnosis (released here as The Hypnotist for no adequately explained reason), in spite of it's almost equally unbelievable plot.

GreenCine Member Rating

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51 Votes
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