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Forgive and Forget back to product details

"Mate" Love
written by talltale February 27, 2005 - 5:44 AM PST
1 out of 1 members found this review helpful
FORGIVE AND FORGET, made for Scottish television in 1999, is so much better than most of what passes for gay-themed drama from America (Hollywood, independent, television, cable) that it's a shame it's not just a little better. The lead performances from John Simm and Steve John Shepherd nail the situation ("best mates" in love, one romantically/physically, the other not) supremely well, the direction is fluid and real, and the dialog is often right on target. When it's not, however, the film flounders.

The worst offense comes from the "mother" character, who, in one scene tells her son that whatever his problem is, she'll accept it (after other scenes that appear to show how progressive and understanding she is). In the next scene, she's utterly rejecting. The finale flirts with melodrama, as well. That said, this one is worth the time of gays, lesbians, their families and friends. Or any of you who appreciate a good story (for the most part) well-told. The movie also captures, probably better than anything to come from this side of the Atlantic, the stupidity and falseness of those dreadful TV shows that bring "supposedly" suffering people together and then pretend to make everything all right. (The host, played by Meera Syal, channels Oprah and her like to perfection.)

Loved the Film......Hated the Ending???
written by Frodo November 7, 2002 - 2:59 PM PST
4 out of 5 members found this review helpful
Forgive and Forget, is a rather well done film exploring the relationship between a straight man and his closeted gay "best mate" who's been in love with him secretly for many years. Some viewers thought the film was slow and biased from a heterosexual point of view.

I feel the film portrayed the anguish of closeted, David, extremely well. The difficulties of accepting one's differences were clearly and painfully drawn, with an outstanding performance by the handsome lead. Personally, I could identify with his inner conflicts in making an extremely difficult decision. David appeared to be the ideal picture of straight, handsome male that fit in well with accepted straight images he was raised with. He knew differently.

The so-called, stereotypical, reaction by the gay man's parents is very easy to believe, since many gay children are still rejected by their parents, in our "enlightened" world.

The crude sexual talk and "fag" camaraderie amongst his "straight" coworkers, was typical of the heterosexist viewpoint. In contrast, it's extremely interesting that the "straightest" of these coworkers displayed a lot of skin, (always in shorts, open vests, muscular chest display, shirtless with pierced nipples), to show what a man he was? He would have been right at home in a great many gay clubs or pride festivals.

Comments found in one review that the "Forgive and Forget" hostess' reaction of how brave David was; was an indication of pity and shame that he was gay. The real world is still not politically correct. Coming out isn't an easy step, and some individuals, never do so, due to lack of courage. I felt her reaction was simple and honest, not condescending, in her limited position as interviewer.]

Theo's female love, Hannah obviously has some real problems. She was dumped before and hurts...! Well, she's rather selfish, self centered, and possessive and wants David out of the picture. Is it any wonder he'd fight back? I lost sympathy for her, I felt for Theo who seemed to really care, and really wasn't aware of Hannah's real nature(Blinded by Love).

Mixed feeling arise with the ending of the film. At first, I HATED IT. Then upon review, perhaps it was too real and I wanted a different ending. Was the bashing and almost murder by Theo really necessary? All sympathy for him is lost here. And the convenient rescue, (prevention of Murder by Hannah?), was too patently hetero. Hanna saves her man, gets what she wants, and the fag gets his just deserts for lusting after a straight man? Isn't this reality in some cases...? (Even California's liberalness couldn't prevent several recent severe bashings and a couple of murders.)

The closing shot of David wants us to believe that David is happy with his decision and, all will be well. Nice sentiments but too quick and easy after what's just been portrayed?? Rent this film and decide for yourself...


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