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Sorcerer Hunters vol.4: Magical Battles (2001)

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Studio: ADV Films
Genre: Anime, Fantasy Anime, Swords and Sorcery Anime
Running Time: 150 min.
Languages: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English
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This title is currently out of print.

This is it. Time to earn their pay. Time for the final showdown. Time for Carrot to get serious. Things have gone from bad to worse, and as Zaha Torte closes in, the Sorcerer Hunters find themselves under attack from within as well as without. Past secrets threaten, a dark future looms and much is uncertain. The one thing the Sorcerer Hunters do know is that they must stop Zaha! They must risk all to save all.

GreenCine Member Reviews

Head of a Tiger / Tail of a Snake by NLee June 4, 2003 - 10:33 AM PDT
3 out of 3 members found this review helpful
This review is about the complete "Sorcerer Hunters" series (vol.1-4). After watching the first volume, I had high hope that Sorcerer Hunters is going to be a great series. Now, after forcing myself to finish episodes 26, I feel utterly disappointed. What went wrong?

In short, the series is just too long for its own good. Lack of character development, and not enough fresh ideas, made me lose interest halfway through the series. It would do better as a 13-part series, by removing most of the filler episodes.

Back to the beginning: The first volume (ep.1-7) of Sorcerer Hunters was quite fun to watch. It looks very similar to the Slayers series: lots of slapstick comedy, dumb jokes, mild sexual humors, etc. In each episode, a team member reveals his/her special ability (transformation) to keeps the story fresh. Although all the quests are rather silly, some are actually quite memorable.

Volume 2 brings us seven new episodes, followed be another six in volume 3. But by now, I found myself no longer eager to follow the series. The problem is that each episode is completely independent from the next. We see the team members go through the same quest routine ("Oh great, here comes the transformation sequence of Tira/Chocolate/Carrot, again" ) from episode to episode, without progressing the overall plot. The worst thing is, just as Wil.D Coyote never learn his lesson in the Road Runner cartoons, The team members in Sorcerer Hunters never seem to develop from episode 1 to episode 20. The characters don't mature or show more depth. They don't learn new skills, become more powerful, etc. Carrot is still a hopeless skirt-chaser in the next episode, and Tira/Chocolate's main role is still to whip him back into shape.

All this is supposed to change in the final volume, where the world is coming to a crashing end (literally), and the fate of human kind is pivoted upon the decision of one team member. Powerfull stuff, huh? Well don't count on it. The style of the last four episodes switched abruptly from comedy to drama. But the delivery is too long, and the plot is both unconvincing and uninvolving. The conclusion is anti-climatic without a final battle, and offered no real closure to the story. The only bonus is that Tira and Chocolate finally stripped down to their more revealing outfits as in the manga series (nose bleed alert ^_^)

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83 Votes
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