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Blue Seed Perfect Collection Vol. 3: Prelude to Sacrifice (1995)

Director: Jun Kamiya
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Studio: ADV Films
Genre: Anime, Animation, Cel
Running Time: 145 min.
Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese
Subtitles: English
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Beset on all sides by the monstrous Aragami of Japanese legend, the TAC finds itself on the defensive. And, as attacks gain in both frequency and intensity, the public is becoming increasingly aware that all is not right. However, the members of the TAC have gained a powerful new ally in Sakura Yamazaki, a most unusual Shinto Princess from America. She's bold, brash and supremely confident, but will her presence be enough to turn the tide of battle? Especially since a new soldier has appeared on the third side of the battle as well, an addition whose identity will throw the TAC into a confusion that just may be fatal.

Contains episodes 15-20:

  • Lost & Trembling on a Trip to Michinoku!
  • Japan is a Paradise! Tears in Wakasa
  • Let it Bloom Japan! A Blizzard of One-sided Love!
  • Geez! Oh, Man! Sakura's Not Good Enough!
  • Heat Haze! Start on a Journey! Love, I Won't be Far From You
  • I'm Home! Izumo! The Prologue of Hope!

GreenCine Member Reviews

Nature gone wild as a consequence of ignoring the Japanese heritage by hneline1 July 13, 2003 - 10:28 PM PDT
4 out of 5 members found this review helpful
The more I watch Blue Seed, the more I like it. Although it follows your run of the mill defeat-a-monster-every-episode format, it's actually good entertainment that develops serious themes the more you get into the series. For example, in the last disk (episodes 7 - 14), one of the prevailing themes was a reintroduction of Japanese creation mythology. In this disk (episodes 15 - 20), that creation mythology has morphed into a strong criticism that the modern Japanese people are ignoring their heritage and are not taking care of Japan. In Blue Seed, one of the consequences of this cultural ignorance is that Nature has started to warp itself into something malignant to humans (in this case as aragami demons) rather than continuing in a peaceful coexistence.

We see this theme of environmental protectionism in many anime, good and bad. Arjuna, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke all criticize the effects of pollution or industrialization. One thing that I find unique about Blue Seed is the strong connection that it draws between respecting the cultural heritage and respecting the environment -- in this view, the latter comes about mainly because honoring the environment is a part of the former. A consequence of this is that the various locations to which Momiji and Kusanagi travel (Ise, Izumo, etc.) sounds like a "best of old Japan" tour, unlike other anime which don't refer to historical locations. Another thing that I find unique is that this message is placed in a 26 episode, comedic adventure TV series -- you can be lured into watching the exciting action over a number of weeks and get indoctrinated at the same time (Arjuna is also a TV series, but it's mood is much more serious and doesn't have the breeziness of Blue Seed).

So, I like this series because it has a good mix of easy action, likeable characters, soap opera romance, occasional bloody fighting, references to real places and real myths, and an actual message about something important in real life. Also, for a change of pace, check out the Omake in the Extras. There a bunch of them, ranging from a sweet mood piece (Momiji humming to herself on a rainy day) to the comic (Kusanagi and Murakumo playing Mahjong with two aragami).

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Blue Seed
Mitsuishi Kotono as Sawaguchi Koume

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