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Sins of the Fleshapoids (1965)

Cast: George Kuchar, Donna Kerness
Director: Mike Kuchar, Mike Kuchar, George Kuchar
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Studio: Other Cinema
Genre: Cult, Experimental/Avant-Garde
Running Time: 97 min.
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An android rises up against its decadent human masters in this camp classic from underground filmmaker Mike Kuchar. As explained in voice-over, a nuclear war nearly destroys civilization, but humankind re-emerges into an age of indolence. Their every whim catered to by robot servants known as fleshapoids, the citizens of the future spend their time luxuriating in the sensual pleasures of food, sex, and sleep. One day, however, a fleshapoid named Xar (Bob Cowan) experiences the unquenchable desire to do a little luxuriating of his own. Rising up against his owner (Gina Zuckerman), Xar teams up with fellow android Melenka (Maren Thomas). Soon, the robot Bonnie and Clyde are battling for their freedom against the tyranny of scantily clad overlords Prince Gianbeno (George Kuchar) and Princess Vivianna (Donna Kerness). Director Mike Kuchar and his twin brother, star George Kuchar, began making 8 mm films together as teens in the early '50s. Sins of the Fleshapoids marks Mike Kuchar's first foray as a solo director. Poorly distributed and rarely seen outside of film festivals until its 2005 DVD release, Sins of the Fleshapoids nonetheless influenced a generation of later filmmakers, including David Cronenberg and John Waters. ~ Brian J. Dillard, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

Make mine Kuchar -- by GGoodsell December 31, 2005 - 4:33 PM PST
1 out of 2 members found this review helpful
Enter the mad and merry world of George and Mike Kuchar if you dare! The New York-based filmmakers cranked out their homemade epics using dime-store props and people pulled off the street, and their infectious screwball enthusiasm is evident in every frame. SINS OF THE FLESHAPOIDS is in fact a witty send-up of 1962's CREATION OF THE HUMANOIDS. Set a million years into the future, humans are waited and doted upon by robots encased in human flesh. One of the robots decides to sin, and makes love to a human female. After numerous court intrigues, the woman gives birth to a windup robot toy! The Kuchars depict the world of the future with tatty pieces of fabric serving as décor with hastily scribbled murals on the walls of Bronx cold-water tenements. The colors are bright and gushing, and the music from scratchy old records is appropriately melodramatic.

WENDELL SAMSON, in contrast, is a heartfelt film about its hero's acceptance of his own homosexuality. Red Grooms plays the title role, and after a painful series of hard-won lessons, must break up with his girlfriend. The tone is very serious, but never grim, and still retains a sense of playfulness.

Ending the DVD on an up note is THE CRAVEN SLUCK, the story of a frustrated housewife's affair with a much younger man (George Kuchar in a bad wig). Things go from bad to worse in a most hilarious fashion, with the heroine attempting suicide by trying to drown herself in a bathtub, ending with an impromptu invasion from outer space. It's one uninterrupted howl from start to finish, and an obvious influence on John Waters. It even features a dog taking a crap on the sidewalk!

The quality of the image is excellent. Having to view the Kuchar's work on dupey VHS, the visuals rival anything made by tried and true Hollywood hands. The one complaint (and it is a major one) is that the audio track featuring director Mike Kuchar is virtually inaudible. Boo, hiss! Otherwise, this is one of my all-time favorite DVD releases of 2005.

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