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The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)

Cast: Steven Carell, Steven Carell, Catherine Keener, more...
Director: Michele Panelli-Venetis, Michele Panelli-Venetis, Judd Apatow, more...
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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Universal Studios
Running Time: 133 min.
Languages: English, Spanish, French
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
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Recently Rented By scarabin

One man nervously ventures forth into the final frontier in this comedy starring comic actor Steve Carell. Andy Stitzer (Carell) is a cheerfully geeky guy who is settling into middle age with his large collection of comic books, action figures, and collectable models. Andy works in an electronics store, and seems reasonably happy with his life. However, one day his friends and co-workers David (Paul Rudd), Jay (Romany Malco), and Cal (Seth Rogen) discover that Andy has a secret -- due to his rather severe jitters around women, Andy is still a virgin. Andy's pals are appalled at this state of affairs, and set out to find a woman who'd be willing to get horizontal with him. After a number of disastrous dates, everyone thinks Andy has finally struck gold when he meets Trish (Catherine Keener), an attractive single mother who takes an immediate liking to him. What the other guys don't know is that Trish has just gotten out of a bad relationship, and has informed Andy she isn't ready to be intimate with him just yet. The 40-Year-Old Virgin was the first feature film directed by Judd Apatow, who previously served as a writer and producer for the well-regarded television shows Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, and The Larry Sanders Show. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

E-Bay meets Circuit City by bruiser3130 July 1, 2006 - 12:17 AM PDT
This movie is the best comedy I have seen in some time. Some of the language is rather crude but most of the time it is spoken by crude people. The dream scenes are super good.
All in all this movie will be good exercise because you will be internally jogging by laughing and chuckling so much

Let's Hear It for the Virgins! by talltale December 9, 2005 - 5:27 PM PST
7 out of 7 members found this review helpful
What's most wonderful about THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN? Its surprising lack of the usual "Saturday Night Live" ironic distancing. The characters are more kind and sweet--if a bit on the dumb side--than they are smarmy, nasty or stupid. And so we come to care about them all, not just Carell's and Keener's (both quite nicely written and performed) but even the supporting dimwits who work at the Circuit City clone (Paul Rudd is, as always, first-class).

It does rather amaze me that the movie grossed over $100,000, given that its so-silly and so-spectacular ending is right out of the 60s/70s--a time during which the young audience that made this film a hit were running around in diapers (or were not even a gleam in their pre-teen parents' eyes). What could they have made of that finale?! Whatever: this movie--which offers a lovely take on sex that kids might learn from--is a lark and a charmer, so grin and giggle to your heart's content.

By the by, the "unrated" version adds something like 17 minutes and runs two-and-one-quarter hours. When I noticed the length, I thought, "Mistake: Comedy should be short and sweet." But then I watched--and wasn't bored for more than a minute or two.

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