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Doom (2005)

Cast: Karl Urban, Karl Urban, Rosamund Pike, more...
Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak
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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Universal Studios
Genre: Action, Science Fiction
Running Time: 113 min.
Languages: English, Spanish, French
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
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One of the most popular and influential video games ever makes its way to the big screen in this sci-fi thriller. A coalition of Earth's scientific and military interests have established a research colony called Olduvai on the planet Mars, but one day all communication from the outpost stops and no one can tell what has happened -- though the final messages suggest it's not good. Believing foul play may have overtaken Olduvai's crew, the Rapid Response Tactical Squad, a team of specially trained military personnel, are deployed to investigate the situation and, if necessary, eliminate the invaders. But Sarge (Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock) and Reaper (Karl Urban), leaders of the RRTS team, soon discover the situation is far more grim than they could have imagined. An experiment on Olduvai has very literally opened a portal to Hades, and a variety of savage and demonic creatures have overtaken the colony. Now the RRTS must seal off Olduvai, close off any access to Earth, and exterminate the satanic beasts before they can kill again. Doom also stars Rosamund Pike (as Dr. Grimm), Dexter Fletcher, Ben Daniels, and Deobia Oparei. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

Disappointing on many levels, but still fun. by textheavy February 8, 2006 - 2:32 PM PST
2 out of 2 members found this review helpful
[Before I add my review, I wanted to point out that Mark Deming of "All Movie Guide" didn't see the same movie I saw. The monsters are not from a portal opened to "Hades" and the Earth doesn't lose contact with the colony on Mars, in fact things are relatively normal up there when the main characters arrive. I get the feeling Mark played the game, but never made it to the movie.]

If you've never played Doom 3, and you are into Sci-Fi/Action/Horror movies, you'll probably get a kick out of Doom. It has a good story, fun characters and some interesting moments.

Oddly, it fails to really deliver on the horror angle, and the action is surprisingly sporadic. But there are big guns, elusive monsters and lots of special effects, so it makes for a good popcorn movie.

Now, if you have played Doom 3, which was extremely unsettling, action-packed (read: violent), and had a great storyline, you're probably going to be annoyed by this movie.

Gone are the hordes of diverse demons from Hell. Gone is the story involving Dr. Betruger, teleportation and the Soul Cube. Gone is the plasma rifle (and although the BFG ["BioForce Gun," sheesh] is accounted for, it's never actually used for any pivotal purpose).

Ultimately, what makes Doom 3 so horrifying is the understanding that there is one man facing the terrors of Hell alone in a vast complex filled with demons. Doom the movie gives us a team of soldiers running back and forth through the same four or five sets, fighting mundane monsters instead, and missing the point entirely.

(Why did they do away with the premise of the entire Doom franchise: that a portal to Hell has been opened in our dimension? Were they afraid that the Fundies would declare a boycott on the movie?)

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