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Berserk Vol. 1: War Cry (2002)

Director: Naohito Takahashi
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Studio: Anime Works
Genre: Anime, Fantasy Anime, Swords and Sorcery Anime
Running Time: 125 min.
Languages: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English
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In the castle town of Midland, a new king has come to power through treachery and violence. His demonic agents victimize the citizens unchecked, until the night when a battle-weary soldier approaches the city. Covered in a slew of weapons and countless jagged scars, he calls himself the Black Swordsman. The sword he carries is the size of his grudge against the king, and he hunts the servants of evil with unrelenting fury.

GreenCine Member Reviews

Great series, mediocre DVD transfer. by Jihatsuteki January 29, 2007 - 2:53 PM PST
Berserk is a dark, romantic, unique series in a sea of action anime full of the same old light humor/quick payoff fluff that has driven me to viewing strictly non-animated material time and time again. This is a series that keeps me coming back, however, though as many others have written, it is highly unlikely to satisfy 100% of its audience with its ambiguous conclusion. But you can read other reviews for more on that; I just want the potential renter out there to know some things about the region 1 DVDs that I feel are important to think about:

1) The video quality of each episode is that of VHS, and as such, you should expect to see faded colors and some grain here and there. The series is a bit old, I admit, but the transfer itself is inexcusable given the series' international fame and the original box set's high MSRP.

2) Deleted scenes are presented with English dubbing only. No original Japanese audio available.

3) English opening/ending credits rather than the original Japanese with English subtitles. Just something I'm picky about, especially when the opening narration before each episode is coupled with scrolling English font instead of the very stylish original Japanese kana/kanji that looks like it's written in blood. Also, episode intertitles are English rather than the original Japanese.

In short, I highly recommend renting the series to anyone out there who hasn't seen it already, but I'd never spend good money on such a mediocre transfer.

Watch this and then find the manga by zeroplusone July 28, 2005 - 7:15 AM PDT
4 out of 5 members found this review helpful
I would recommend Berserk to anyone who enjoys the dark and the medieval. Some people seem to focus on the fact that Berserk is extremely gory and violent (which it is), but Berserk has far more to offer; In short, a perfect balance of character development, plot and action (and severed limbs, and blood, and sex). My only real criticism I have of the series is that it ended rather abruptly, and this may be disappointing to some viewers.

However, I should also note that if you find yourself still wanting more Berserk, there is still the Manga. I know that this is supposed to be a review of the DVD, but my point is that the series is so much more satisfying when viewed as a companion to the manga. In fact the anime series actually focuses on a single story arc taken almost directly from the manga series.

The Berserk manga is available through Dark Horse comics in the U.S. and the series is currently reaching its 30th volume in Japan.

poop on a stick by cherrychan September 28, 2004 - 1:12 AM PDT
4 out of 15 members found this review helpful
I could go on and on about how much I disliked this series. I read some of the previous reviews and have to wonder if we were watching the same anime! First off the music, it's so bad its funny,I even want to put the opening song on my answering machine, its baaaaddd! The animation gave me a headache,it didn't know if it was mediocre or just plain horrible. The main characters name was Guts, but I think Turd would have been more fitting, he was boring and suffered from Luke Skywalker syndrome. I had no interest in what was going to befall Turd and his fellow turdlings,my only hope was they were flushed down garderobe for being so...turdy . My final thought...poop on a stick...that was fun...

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