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Derailed (2005)

Cast: Clive Owen, Clive Owen, Jennifer Aniston, more...
Director: Mikael Håfström, Mikael Håfström
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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Genius Products
Genre: Drama, Suspense/Thriller
Running Time: 112 min.
Languages: English, French
Subtitles: English, Spanish
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A clandestine love affair may claim a terrible price from two desperate people in this intelligent thriller. Charles Schine (Clive Owen) is an advertising executive who is happily married to Deana (Melissa George) and has a young daughter. However, that begins to change when Charles meets Lucinda Harris (Jennifer Aniston) on a commuter train. Lucinda, who is also married with a daughter, keeps bumping into Charles on the train, and they strike up a friendship that soon grows into something deeper. Eventually Charles and Lucinda fall into infidelity, but the consequences turn out to be greater than they imagined; Philippe Laroche (Vincent Cassel) is a dangerous criminal with a taste for violence who has learned about the affair. Laroche demands a substantial payment if he is to keep the word of Charles and Lucinda's relationship from their spouses, but they become convinced that Laroche is not to be trusted and that he may mean to do greater harm to their loved ones than simply telling them they've been unfaithful. Derailed was the first American project for Swedish filmmaker Mikael Håfström. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

Predictable thriller by Alicat March 30, 2006 - 8:43 PM PST
1 out of 1 members found this review helpful
so before you rent this, there is something you should know - you have seen this movie before. It's true, you have seen it under a couple of different names, staring a different set of pretty people. Yep this is an old dog with no new tricks. Now I won't say that "Derailed" sucked - it didn't. But it was highly predictable and I was robbed of the steamy sex scenes that the genre inherently promises.
The characters in this film are all - I'll say it again - ALL unlikable. A couple of adulteres, bad husbands, unloving wives and some ex cons for fun. (yawn) I didn't feel for anyone in this film, even the sick kid. Yep you heard me, there is even a sick kid.
Do yourself a favor - if it's Aniston you crave, then try "Good Girl". A Clive Owen fan? Then "Closer" gets under your skin quicker and dirtier than this does. Just a fan of this type of film? Then check out the ultra hot, ultra tense "Unfaithful".

The Worm Turns by talltale March 10, 2006 - 9:21 AM PST
1 out of 2 members found this review helpful
It's hard these days to make a decent film noir. But that doesn't stop moviemakers from trying. The latest attempt, DERAILED, is via the new Weinstein label, directed by Swede Mikael Hafstrom with screenplay by Stewart Beattie from James Siegel's novel. Believability is lost early on, when the "hero" keeps making choices that seem less and less real, given the circumstances of his family life. Later, the villains also make choices (such as the repeated use of the same venue for their misdeeds) that are whoppingly dumb.

Given a "good guy" who keeps losing audience interest due to his lack of character or sense, it is something of a pleasure to see the worm turn at last, even if the turning, too, lacks credibility. Clive Owen is always a treat to watch, even under stupid circumstances; Jennifer Anniston has been given zero character, and she fills it out accordingly; Vincent Cassel is typically swinish and sleazy; and RZA brings some freshness to the interestingly conceived role of the office mail boy. The problem is that there's no real surprise here (unless you're quite new to movie-watching). The entire plot, right up to the conclusion seems manufactured from contrivance rather than character.

Perhaps the oddest thing about this movie, dealing as it does with the wages of sin, is that no one finally gets to have it. Ever. (Not with the hooker who is dropped into the proceedings rather foolishly. Not even with the spouse!) The characters endure bushels of guilt without even the pleasure of doing the nasty. Is this some new trend? Hope not, or we're in for depressing times. On second thought: given our current economic and political state, we might as well add sex to the general mess-up.

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