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Imagine Me & You back to product details

Mindless entertainment
written by HChang August 5, 2006 - 5:27 AM PDT
This movie is great if you just want to "veg out" after a long week. It's so silly it makes you grin. But would I pay the full fare to watch it at the cinema? "Nah!"

First off, the acting is mixed. Both hunky Heck (Matthew Goode) and lovely Luce (Lena Headey) deliver compelling performances. Heck, as the mate, lover, then husband of a disoriented Rachel (Piper Perabo). He's sensitive, loving, and deathly afraid of public speaking. So afraid he becomes tongue-tied during the wedding reception and Rachel has to deliver his speech. There's a touch of pathos as you see him fall apart when Rachel falls for another - uhmmm - woman.

Then there's Luce, the intelligent florist who seems to have the answer to everything - including perhaps, "Do penguins have knees?" She tries to shy away from chaos but the more she tries, the stronger the forces of nature. Even I find her desirable!

However, I find it hard to believe a never-gone-astray Rachel could fall in love with another woman at first sight, especially on her wedding day! Not only that, but she becomes obsessed with Luce and makes the bold move of declaring to the world, her love for Luce. Perhaps Perabo senses this incredulity as she strains to convey this infatuation on screen - her performance is peppered with over-reactions to the point of annoyance.

But then, without the incredulity, there would be no movie. I give Ol Parker's debut as a director, five stars (4.5 actually) for providing a mindless entertainment.

Sunny London (it's that kind of reality)
written by talltale July 9, 2006 - 4:08 AM PDT
3 out of 3 members found this review helpful
Sweet, giddy, alternately funny/sad, IMAGINE ME AND YOU is a whole lot more enjoyable than its many icy reviews indicated. Guess America--even "independent movie" America--is still not ready for a lesbian romantic comedy that confronts the age-old question: Does love-at-first-sight exist? Straight men may go gaga over a hot lesbian sex scene, but don't even TRY to give them a lesbian pair coming to terms with their feelings. FEELINGS?! And the guys run shrieking from the room.

Too bad, 'cause leads Lena Heady and Piper Perabo are charming and intelligent, and London looks sunnier here than it has any right to--given the gloom that usually hovers just out of the camera's view. The wild card that really makes this movie pop is Mathew Goode ("Match Point," "Chasing Liberty") as Perabo's dear and decent hubby--in love and lust with his wife and wondering what he's doing wrong. His role is given its full due, and Goode is so good--as both character and actor--that you'll hurt for him.

The supporting cast includes Celia Imrie, Anthony Head and a lovely new child actress named Boo Jackson who asks a number of funny questions ("Do penguins have knees?") in the course of this pleasant trifle. Watch the Director's Statement from Ol Parker in the special features section for a short, cogent and unpretentious explanation of his own experience with love at first sight.


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