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Adam and Steve back to product details

It's OK For A Gay Movie
written by shiftless October 16, 2007 - 9:56 AM PDT
2 out of 2 members found this review helpful
I find myself qualifying how I enjoyed this movie by tacking on "for a gay movie" on the end of the positive points I want to make about it. This is written by a gay man who feels like he could count the number of good gay themed movies on one hand. All of the actors do a great job in this film, but unfortunately the script needed a lot of work. It starts off wonderfully, has a lot of laughs and good characters, but quickly becomes just another tepid romance with serious pacing problems. Too many scenes where the dialog drags or there is silence. There's something to be said for realism but this is a comedy! Step it up a bit! This movie also veers inconsistently between smart character/dialog humor and over-the-top site gags and it never really feels like they could decide what kind of movie they wanted to make. The visual humor seemed out of place to me. Over all, this movie was fairly enjoyable, once you accept the low-budget production values. Taking a step back after watching it, I think I've come to think that the story never really said much beyond "two guys have a romance", which for me is not saying much at all. If a friend asked what I thought of the movie, I would soften my criticism for my gay brothers by saying "It's pretty good... for a gay movie".

Gays with Quirks--Funny and Real
written by talltale August 12, 2006 - 7:29 AM PDT
1 out of 1 members found this review helpful
Finally: a grown-up, original, gay romantic comedy. Some of us thought it would never happen, but Craig Chester's (he wrote it, directed it and plays one of the leads) ADAM & STEVE proves us wrong. The first few minutes, as you may have heard, does indeed contain one of the truly gross scenes in modern filmmaking. But since it's also hilarious and shocking, you may appreciate it more than you imagine, particularly since it is later used to a splendid purpose which proves that--rather than never having to say you're sorry--love can sometimes mean accepting the most offensive of moments from your partner, understanding them, and continuing to love. If this sounds a bit pompous and heavy, the movie is anything but.

Buoyed by two wonderful performances from Mr. Chester and Malcolm Gets, and two more marvelous ones from Parker Posey (one of her best) and Chris Kattan (whom I have not enjoyed this much since "Monkeybone"), it works because of its quirks. The characters are just off-kilter enough to seem surprisingly real, and their life in NYC should ring all kinds of bells for gay New Yorkers. In addition, Chester provides some lovely family humor, waspy and Jewish, and he's chosen a cast that ranges from the aforementioned four to Julie Haggerty, Paul Sand, Melinda Dillon and more--all of whom hits their notes like the old pros they are. There is plenty of humor here, too, much of it laugh-out-loud, and when, as the finale approaches, the film almost turns into a musical, well, why not. Hey: It's gay, Gets is a Broadway musical star who's been nominated for Tony, and the music is GOOD!


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