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Robot Monster (1953)

Cast: George Nader, George Nader, Claudia Barrett, more...
Director: Phil Tucker, Phil Tucker
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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Image Entertainment
Genre: Cult, Science Fiction , Classic Sci-Fi, Aliens, Robots & Cyborgs, Classic Sci Fi/Fantasy, Golden Turkeys, Classic Fantasy
Running Time: 62 min.
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A young boy named Johnny (Gregory Moffett) is on a picnic with his widowed mother (Selena Royle) and sister (Claudia Barrett, ($Pamela Paulsen), when he meets a pair of archeologists (John Mylong, George Nader) exploring a nearby cave. Later, while napping, he has a dream -- that the Earth has been attacked by an alien named Ro-Man (played by George Barrows in a gorilla suit with a diving helmet), using the "calcinator death ray," and that he and his family (with Mylong and his mother now married) and scientist Nader are the only survivors. They try to elude capture by Ro-Man, who turns out to have some very human failings despite his mechanized mentality, including a desire to experience human emotions, which greatly complicates his efforts to destroy the family. ~ Bruce Eder, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

Ro-Man? Oh, man... by Tiger May 8, 2006 - 6:26 AM PDT
This infamous piece of cinematic history has been discussed for a long long time so I hesitate even briefly opining on it - but I will anyway. I believe Robot Monster, like Plan 9 From Outer Space, is worth multiple viewings because so much is so deliriously wrong with both these movies that you can't catch it all on the first time around. Robot Monster is a collection of so many peculiar aspects; a budget so meager that a stiff breeze would send it flying into the red, the Elmer Bernstein score, a script that not just defies logic, but beats it to the ground and kicks it. And the bubbles, dear God, the bubbles!

Hilarious grade-Z disasterpiece! by ColonelKong January 3, 2004 - 8:51 PM PST
5 out of 5 members found this review helpful
The 8 rating I'm giving to this movie is for the amount of enjoyment I got out of it, not for the quality of the movie. Anyone who's a fan of the much more well-known Plan 9 From Outer Space should definitely give Robot Monster a viewing. It's got just about everything a person could want from a bad movie: very cheap special effects (you can see a spaceship being held up by someone's hand in one scene!), ridiculous dialog ("You look like a pooped-out pinwheel!"), a rather nonsenscial plot, stock footage of dinosaurs from another movie, glaring continuity errors, and much more. You've just gotta love any movie where the villian is a guy in a gorilla suit wearing a diving helmet who wants to "Think like the Hu-man, to feel like the Hu-man." It was originally shown in 3-D, which means plenty of shots of bubbles floating around and Ro-Man reaching toward the camera. I can't argue too much with the description of Robot Monster as "one of the world's worst movies", but I'd say that the fact that it's only about an hour long (it's not 84 minutes) makes it a lot more watchable than any number of other bad movies.

Oh yes, did I mention that Elmer Bernstein wrote the music? (Yes, that Elmer Bernstein!)

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Hypnotically Horrible !!!
There are mediocre and bad movies aplenty, but these are movies that are so bad...they are f***ing amazing !!!! I can watch them over and over and never get bored
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