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Hellsing Vol. 1: Impure Souls (2002)

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Studio: Pioneer
Genre: Anime, Horror Anime
Running Time: 75 min.

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A secret war is brewing in the night - a war in which humanity is only a pawn. The mysterious Hellsing Organization deploys within the shadows to protect ordinary mortals from the undead legions that would prey upon us. Now, as the ghouls and vampires increase in number, they threaten the human police forces forcing the deployment of the Hellsing Organization's ultimate weapon - the rogue vampire, Arucard! After saving Victoria Seras Victoria, a special police operative from death by transforming her into a vampire, Arucard must work with her to fight the undead army - as well as her own newfound hungers!

GreenCine Member Reviews

bit dissapointing by koaru20 March 25, 2006 - 4:14 PM PST
If you're renting the anime because you loved the dark humor in the manga like i did, then you will most likely be dissapointed. If you're renting for blood and gore and watching a bunch people die, then you will be highly entertained. I was very dissapointed throughout much of the series because there really wasn't enough of the dark humor, and it didn't follow the manga very well. i liked the museum fight scene in the manga, because it mad me laugh out loud (i was on a train at the time and a bunch of people looked at me like i was insane) but there wasn't even a fight scene in the anime. (T.T)

We are on a mission from god(^ ^ )g by CarpeNoctem July 7, 2004 - 1:46 PM PDT
1 out of 4 members found this review helpful
This series is awesome. Theres not much more to it. If you were planning to see some lame movie like the Love hina: Spring movie or Ai yori Aoshi I suggest geting this instead. So here's how the story is set up, there's this organiztion called Hellsing Which protects the ignorant public from vampires and stuff. Within the organization there are a bunch of useless soldiers and a Vampire named Alucard. God only knows why they bother with having an army, all they need is Alucard. Anyway some people die and Alucard makes this girl Seras a vampire and she joins Hellsing. Then some more people die and this mad awesome fool named Anderson shows up and starts chucking knives everywhere, Seras gets one in the throat and can't move. Then Alucard shows up. From there on out its all mad fight scenes and mysterious plots. Unfortunately those plots wont be tied up by the end of the series. But who cares. HELLSING ROCKS. Hellsing isn't about deep storylines, or trashy drama, or tragedy, or relationships. Its about cool immortal vampires and stuff that beat the crap out of things with guns, spells, and knives while looking like devils and drinking blood. The first time I saw this here i read the reviews and thought this would be some really bad series that sucks, which is completely incorrect, all the reviews here are horribly wrong aside from god's (hneline1) whose review i've just bumped to the top d(^ ^). At any rate Hellsing Rocks and is worth watching over any other stupid series in your queue so rent it already.

Bloody Awful by jeffs August 13, 2003 - 7:15 PM PDT
2 out of 5 members found this review helpful
I actually had high hopes for this series after watching the first 2 disks. My biggest complaint was the far the most disappointing ending of any anime that I've seen so far. So many plot lines went just completely unfinished. I almost wonder if this was supposed to be a 26 episode series instead of 13. Other than that, watching immortal creatures fight constantly got pretty annoying. There isn't any tension in the combat scenes if the characters can't die. This isn't your typical vampire show where stakes and sunlight can kill them. I'm ok with that, but the battles just didn't make sense.

There are a lot worse series out there, but I'm trashing this because it had potential. I was interested in the development of the Seras character, but that plot line died off early too.

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