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Apocalypto back to product details

total immersion
written by Popnfresh August 24, 2007 - 10:55 AM PDT
2 out of 2 members found this review helpful
Mel is a lunatic and I didn't peg him for being too bright or talented, but let's start by giving mad props (and an extra gold star) for his attempt at using original language (i have no idea if he got it all right).

Language seems to me like wardrobe (the better the costumes, the more believable the film). The actors rattle their lines off in what sounds like fluency to my tin ear, immersing you in the setting and forcing through language's influence on body language what feels like a more authentic vision of personal interaction between the characters. So hooray for that.

The movie itself is actually not too bad. There were one or two cringe-worthy moments (e.g., diseased little spooky girl, pouncing panther), but largely the film manages to be interesting and entertaining without embarrassing itself with one or more of saccharine-sweet life lessons, moral journeys, and vengeance delivered via super-human action I was expecting.

The Mayan rituals and urban populous were brutal and nearly satanic in their portrayal, but it didn't feel cartoonish to me. It was a little too finely timed as a civilization at the absolute razor-edge of its decay and disintegration. The desperation is ugly and unredeemable. It's an "apocalypse," and what I'd guess would be human behavior (race-neutral) at such a desperate hour.

Note: some of the most brutal violence happens directly in front of the camera. Savage beheadings and piled corpses are in full view.

another mad max remake from mel (spoiler alert)
written by rtarcher July 13, 2007 - 1:39 PM PDT
0 out of 4 members found this review helpful
i give this a 4 because i really like the costumes and makeup, particularly when they get to the mayan city
the rest of the film makes little to no sense to me
the not-quite-as-lame-as-the-matrix hippie rave in the beginning
the cartoonish characterization of mayans "oooh, we're so eeevil and proud of it"
the obvious plot setups "i'll throw my wife down a well!"

guess what mel, there's NO way that well would've filled up that fast, and you know what? it wouldn't THREATEN her, it would save her as she floats her way up to the top, stabilizing herself on the walls and vines growing up them

not to mention the weird and obvious analogy with u.s. politics

anway, that scene in the city looks great
and props for not doing the whole thing in english or spanish


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