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Quantum Mind of God (2007)

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Studio: Reality Ent.
Genre: Documentary, Nature & Science , Religion
Running Time: 70 min.

While human beings have been asking questions about life's greatest mysteries since the beginning of time, modern-day science offers exciting new possibilities to finally provide answers. Author Philip Gardiner tackles the intersection of science and religion in the thought-provoking documentary QUANTUM MIND OF GOD, exploring such topics as the meaning of life and the existence of God.

GreenCine Member Reviews

Random Leap of Logic is Required by NLee October 1, 2007 - 7:04 PM PDT
3 out of 3 members found this review helpful
I must confess that I do not know anything about Philip Gardiner prior to watching this DVD. Based on the DVD title and its tag line ("Quantum Mind Of GOD - All our questions are about to be answered"), I assumed it is a documentary about quantum physics and the cosmos, similar to Stephen Hawking's Universe or Carl Sagan's Cosmos. Imagine my surprise when this DVD turns out to be an audio book on spirituality instead.

The video content of this DVD is halfway between 'boring' and 'annoying'. Have you ever used the Microsoft Media Player to listen to CD or MP3? Turn on its 'Visualization' option and you'll see some computer-generate images flying endlessly in your face. Now stretch it to 60 minutes and that's essentially the extend of visual you get on this DVD. Then again, it does have a hypnotic effect if you stare at it for long, and that's perhaps the whole point of the video.

The audio department is nothing to get excited about, either. The narrator mumbles in a heavy accent, against a LOUD background music. One common problem with audio books is that, unlike printed technical articles, you cannot easily check out references to the material cited, so you mostly have to rely on the integrity of the author. If you are listening to an audio book by Stephen Hawking, you can trust that he is not going to 'pull a fast one' by mixing unproven hypothesis with established scientific facts. However with Philip Gardiner, this is exactly what he is doing throughout the whole audio book.

The author jumps all over the place, freely mixing known physical phenomena (often taken out of context) with hypothesis, science fiction ideas, and religious texts. He would often combine several disjoint theories and concepts in the same paragraph, and reads everything in a "matter-of-fact" tone, as if one is a logical extension of another. In fact, most of his alleged deductions all require random 'leap of logic' from one sentence to another.

As an example: the author used the following 'logic' to link the mystical power of crystal with human body:
- "When water turns to ice it forms beautiful crystals" [TRUE]
- "Human bodies compose of mainly water" [TRUE]
- "So we are fluid crystal forms ourselves" [Leap of logic - We are NOT frozen, and there is no such thing as 'fluid crystal'!]

Right from the start, the author mutilated the definition of 'Dark Matter' (a hypothetical matter that cannot be observed directly, but whose presence can be inferred from gravitational effects) as something that exist in us, but cannot be detected with conscious minds. His logic goes like this:
1. Scientists believe only 4% of mass in the Universe can be observed. The rest is called 'Dark Matter'
2. An atom is mostly empty space just like the Universe, so there is dark matter in each atom.
3. Human body is made of atoms, so your brain is made of 96% dark matter
4. Therefore only 4% of your brain can be accessed while you're awake, the other 96% is subconscious that only surfaces in your dream.

The rest of the whole audio book is just the same twisted logic exercised over and over, to extend the argument over crystal, wave, DNA, "Grand Architect" of the Universe, "Free Will" for elemental particles, and so on.

In summary, there is not a shred of scientific evidence presented in this DVD about the "Creator" or "Intelligent Design". The only thing it demonstrated is that: staring at a screen saver for one hour may cause permanent damage to your brain.

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