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Rex the Runt, Vol. 1 & 2 (2002)

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Studio: A&E Entertainment
Genre: Television, British TV, Comedy TV, Animation, Stop-Motion
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Discover the joy of Rex. Join Rex the Runt and his chums--the pert-bum-loving Wendy, Chuffy-chomping Bad Bob and our own little Hoover-hankering Vince--for bizarre telly adventures featuring Easter Island stone-head aliens, singing sausages, a Sinister Secret Laboratory, the Go-Back-In-Time-A-TronTM and more! Created by animator Richard Golezsowski and Aardman Studios (the company behind Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run), REX THE RUNT is quite possibly the most honest show in TV history--aware that they are being watched, Rex and his crew feel compelled to embark on twisted adventures that nearly always descend into anarchy. It is also an amazingly stupid and stupendously amusing romp that'll challenge everything you thought you knew about plasticene dogs. Watch the first two seasons (all 26 episodes) now, before Rex becomes a cult and tries to take your life savings. The following episodes are contained in this set: Holiday in Vince Adventures on Telly (Part 1) Adventures on Telly (Part 2) Adventures on Telly (Part 3) Bob's International Hiccup Centre Easter Island Too Many Dogs The Trials of Wendy Stinky's Search for a Star Under the Duvet Johnny Saveloy's Undoing The City Shrinkers Carbonara Mouse in Me Kitchen Wendy's Hot Date Patio Crap Day Out Slim Bob Private Wendy Rocket Raymond Plasticene Gene Wendy's New Hairdo Wayne the Zebra Art of Cooking Bob Joins a Gang Hole in the Garden DVD Features: Photo Gallery; Character Biographies; Rex the Runt Series Creator Biography; Season Two Trailer; Wendy Photo Shoot; Weblink to; Interactive Menus; Scene Selection.

GreenCine Member Ratings

Rex the Runt vol.1 (Disc 1 of 2) (2002)
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6.81 (21 votes)
Rex the Runt vol.2 (Disc 2 of 2) (2002)
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6.25 (12 votes)

GreenCine Member Reviews

Stick to Volume 1 by Malex August 12, 2003 - 5:17 PM PDT
2 out of 2 members found this review helpful
While the first Rex series as surreal and brilliant as anything produced by Aardman Animation, this second series has nothing really to recommend it. The jokes aren't as funny, it has none of the original's razor-sharp timing, and while production values went up dramatically in the three intervening years (Chicken Run's success playing no small part, undoubtedly) the elaborate camera movements and studio tricks did nothing to replace the low-budget charm of the '98 season. Also, Rex and Bad Bob got new voice actors, which is always distracting.

I strongly recommend "Rex the Runt" to anyone fond of stop-motion animation or British humour, but sadly I got bored before finishing even half of this collection.

Pours on the Juice. by SethBenson June 19, 2003 - 7:57 PM PDT
3 out of 3 members found this review helpful
For me, Rex the Runt manged to redeem much of the originality Chicken Run so efficiently bled off. I don't wish to waste time bemoaning Hollywood's meddlesome paws; rather, I would encourage those of you who loved Aardman's past productions such as Wallace and Grommit to watch this series. Which means those fans who loved both Chicken Run and Wallace and Grommit will be pleasantly surprised: as well as those fans who found something missing in Chicken Run. For me, the most endearing element in Rex the Runt and Wallace and Grommit is the unabashed Britishness of the two series. When Rex calls Bob a "big, jelly-wobbly bun," suggests going out for a curry, or Wendy --God forbid--goes into heat, we get something of the animators' and writers' own world. I understand Chicken Run was polished for a younger and more international audience, but it lacked something genuine that Rex managed to recreate for me. I really can?t recommend this series to those parents wanting to give young Timmy a break from Disney fare. Obviously, Bad Bob has a pistol he uses quite ?liberally?? Animal testing is present and did I mention Wendy goes into heat? Well, all these things might fly right over the heads of a younger audience, but stay away if you haven?t discussed menstruation with your children, lack an unneutered pet, or if you refuse to admit sexuality exists in small, plasticene dogs.

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