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Scarlet Diva (2000)

Cast: Asia Argento, Herbert Fritsch, Joe Coleman, more...
Director: Asia Argento
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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Shriek Show
Genre: Foreign, France, Italy
Running Time: 91 min.
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Shot on digital video, this no-holds-barred, semi-autobiographical film from Italian actress/model Asia Argento presents the bleak decent of a popular actress into a haze of drugs and overindulgence. Anna Battista (Argento) has seemingly everything anyone could ever want, yet sometimes everything is never enough. Fed up with going through the motions as an actor, Battista aspires to seek a career as a director so that she may truly explore her currently latent artistic talent. The queen of excess, Battista's attempts to realize her true talent are time and again shattered as the she is used and abused by everyone she comes into contact with. After a one-night fling with an emotionally distant and uncaring Australian rock star (Jean Sheperd) leaves the self-confessed whore a lovelorn mother-to-be, Battista's desperation to bring her story to the screen finds her dealing with a shady American producer (Joe Coleman), an agent reluctant to assist her in branching out, and a heroin-addicted former filmmaker who is as close to ending his life as Battista is to beginning hers. Her career in disarray and her uncertain future growing increasingly grim, Battista embarks on a numbing binge of sex and drugs that takes her from Europe to America and back again. Attempting to seek-out the father of her unborn child and find some sense of stability, Battista finds the truth about her one-time lover. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Special Features:

  • Interview with Asia Argento
  • Directors Commentary
  • Photo Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailer

GreenCine Member Reviews

Decent first film. by providencia March 23, 2005 - 7:19 AM PST
2 out of 5 members found this review helpful
In this movie Asia Argento presents her life, as fluently in the language of film, as any other language she speaks.
With an undeniable street accent that isn't acquired, but lived, it speaks to an angry and damaged part of my self.

The film uses technique in a very anarchistic way all usual kneejerk cliches are avoided.
Although I will say that it appears to definitely be a kneejerk reaction to a lack of artistic freedoms.
The film language reminds me of Charles Bukowski's use of language as a sledgehammer with a surgeon's precision.
Although not quite up to par on writing with Bukowski.

What this film is not.
A classic "art" film.
A typical technically proficient indie.

What this film is.
A view from the inside of the artist w/o shyness (not referring to nudity).
A classic art film.
Neccessary viewing for anyone interested in the DIY process no matter their medium.

I look forward to seeing another feature by this artist.
I'm interested to see if she has a less iconoclastic work. Maybe she only needed to get the crap out of their system.

For perspective Asia Argento was in her 25th year when this movie was released.
I hope to see what she can really do with a bit more study behind the lens.

Asia Argento "had to make this film," but you don't have to watch it. by agorry March 25, 2004 - 11:36 AM PST
8 out of 10 members found this review helpful
Argento says in an interview on the DVD that she needed to make this film to overcome her agoraphobia. I'm glad to hear that and hope we'll see more of her in films that were written and directed by other people.

Although the performers are sub-par (getting no help from the director, busy training the camera on herself), it's the lack of story that makes this film such a failure. Argento's protagonist floats dully through situation after situation, blissfully unaware of the payoff behind every cliched setup.

Ms. Argento also states in her interview that the film is largely autobiographical. I work in a cubicle all day, staring at a computer, and yet my life now seems far more interesting than that of an international film star. Thanks, Asia. I feel better about myself now.

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