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3 Women (Criterion Collection) (1977)

Cast: Shelley Duvall, Shelley Duvall, Sissy Spacek, more...
Director: Robert Altman, Robert Altman
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Studio: Criterion
Genre: Drama, Criterion Collection
Running Time: 124 min.
Languages: English
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Robert Altman's Three Women takes a surreal, improvisational and rather eerie look at the lives of three women in a western desert town. The plot centers around the youngest of the women, Pinky (Sissy Spacek), an eccentric, withdrawn woman trying to begin a new life. She finds work as an attendant at a hot springs spa catering to the elderly and infirm. There she befriends her co-worker Millie (Shelley Duvall), an equally strange but more outgoing woman; the two bond, and are soon sharing an apartment. Pinky becomes increasingly dependent on Millie, eventually adopting aspects of her personality and appearance. This obsessive attachment is threatened when Pinky discovers Millie with a man -- Edgar (Robert Fortier), the macho, faux-cowboy husband of local artist Willie (Janice Rule), the last of the title's three women. Pinky's subsequent, desperate actions precipitate the film's enigmatic conclusion, involving an unexpected series of confrontations and role reversals amongst the three women. This story tends to take a backseat to the elliptical, spooky imagery, particularly the desert landscapes, and the quirky performances -- not surprising, given that the film was reportedly shot without a full screenplay and inspired by Altman's own dreams. ~ Judd Blaise, All Movie Guide

Special Features:

  • Audio Commentary by Director Robert Altman
  • Stills Gallery of rare production and publicity stills
  • Original theatrical trailers and television spots

GreenCine Member Reviews

sad, lonely, desolate - wonderful by funnytoo July 25, 2011 - 8:01 AM PDT
Robert Altman's collection of characters is only surpassed by the visually stunning murals by Bodhi Wind - don't miss this one

Altman's last hurrah (until the his 90s comeback, of course!) by beckricci November 16, 2004 - 11:04 AM PST
3 out of 3 members found this review helpful
A very Altmanic take on three social misfits. The first is Millie (Duvall) who seems to live in a fantasy land of recipe clippings, ladies fashion advertisements and imaginary boyfriends. So caught up in this vapid media bubble that she doesn't realize (or at least pretends to ignore) her outcast status. As she walks the hall of the nursing home where she works, she drones on about the latest Ladies Home Journal article to her four paired up co-workers (she's the fifth wheel) and they act like she does not exist. At the swinging apartment complex where she lives, the residents (fed up with her pretentiousness) call her 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' behind her back. Everything changes once mousy, childlike Pinky (Spacak) enters into Millie's life. As all of Altman?s work to this point, "3 Women" is smartly observed and rich in texture. Although Millie and Pinky are nobodies cast out in Southwestern desert, nether actress place her character for easy laughs. Heavily influenced by "Persona", some may find the ending to be malodorous. To that, all this reviewer has to say is that at least Altman's take on Bergman isn?t as literal minded as Woody Allen's dreary affair, "Interiors." Also, kudos to Janice Rule as the moody, mysterious third woman.

Slowly Going Nowhere. by KGanann August 8, 2004 - 7:41 PM PDT
0 out of 6 members found this review helpful
This movie dragged prommising to take you somewhere but never delivering. The characters while interesting progressed illogicaly into an incomprehensible ending. The only thing I took away from this film was the repeated product placement. I think I will buy more coke.

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