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Wendigo (2001)

Cast: Patricia Clarkson, Patricia Clarkson, Jake Weber, more...
Director: Larry Fessenden, Larry Fessenden
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Studio: Live/Artisan
Genre: Horror, Werewolves, Killer Critters
Running Time: 92 min.
Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish
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Larry Fessenden, director of the acclaimed independent horror films Habit and No Telling, crafts another unique tale of terror and suspense with this supernatural drama. George (Jake Weber) is a high-strung professional photographer who is starting to unravel from the stress of his work with a Manhattan advertising agency. Needing some time away from the city, Jake, his wife Kim (Patricia Clarkson), and their son Miles (Erik Per Sullivan) head to upstate New York to take in the winter sights, though the drive up is hardly relaxing for any of them. George accidentally hits and severely injures a deer that ran onto the icy road; after George stops to inspect the damage, he's confronted by an angry local named Otis (John Speredakos) who flies into a rage, telling George that he and his fellow hunters had been tracking the deer for some time. An argument breaks out, which leaves George feeling deeply shaken. When George and Kim arrive at their cabin, they discover that it's next door to Otis' property, and they soon find that a dark and intimidating presence seems to have taken over the cottage. Since, when they stopped at a store en route to the cabin, a shopkeeper told Miles about the legend of the Wendigo, a beast from Indian folklore who is half-man, half-deer, and can change itself at will, the child begins to wonder if the creature might have something to do with his family's sudden misfortune. Wendigo was enthusiastically received in its premiere screening at the 2001 Slamdance Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

The Shining meets Deliverance in the wake of Blair Witch. by AWalter October 14, 2004 - 12:38 AM PDT
3 out of 3 members found this review helpful
A thirty-something couple embark on a trip to the country for a winter vacation with their young son, Miles. Nearly at their destination, they hit a large buck on the road, which brings them the unwanted attention of a creepy backwoods hunter. The incident also awakens the spirit of a Native American myth long overdue for movie-monster treatment, the Wendigo. As things get weirder and weirder, Miles' parents attempt to help him make sense of things, but in fact Miles is the only person privileged to the Wendigo's full mystery.

Director Larry Fessenden uses time-lapse photography and well choreographed sequences of woodland still shots to bring the forest to life around his characters. He also demonstrates remarkable restraint in relying on simple suggestion and the expressive winter landscape to animate his Wendigo.

This is one of those films that (like "The Nightmare Before Christmas" or the Coens' "Miller's Crossing") only gets better and better with repeated viewings.

An "A" for trying... by Emomovieluver January 16, 2003 - 1:01 PM PST
7 out of 10 members found this review helpful
First and foremost, "Wendigo" is a good looking indie low budgeter that suffers from "Blair Witch"-itis. After seeing a review in Fangoria, I was very excited, mainly on the basis that particular mythology seemed the perfect concept for a horror monster movie. In fact, though certainly technically competent for a low budget 16 mm movie (there's some nice editing FX and neat time lapse photog.), "Wendigo" is an hour of needless, pointless and mundane scenes which (aside from the short introductory set up) served only to bore viewers out of their minds before getting to immensely disappointing of a pay off finale. Ultimately, the legendary "Wendigo" creature is represented (via quick shots) as first a tree branch puppet and finally a sasquatch with a dear's head and lower extremeties (go figure!).

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