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Day of the Dead (2007)

Cast: Ving Rhames, Ving Rhames, Mena Suvari, more...
Director: Steve Miner, Steve Miner
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Studio: First Look Pictures
Genre: Horror, Science Fiction , Post-Apocalypse, Zombies, Cannibals
Running Time: 87 min.
Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish
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Ving Rhames, Nick Cannon, and Mena Suvari star in director Steve Miner (Friday the 13th Part II, Halloween: H20)'s remake of the apocalyptic gore-fest that originally concluded George A. Romero's zombie trilogy back in 1985. A small American town has been infected with a deadly virus, and the military is determined to contain the sickness by establishing quarantine. When the situation spirals out of control and the infected residents develop a taste for human flesh, the military and surviving residents must band together to battle an enemy whose goal is not simply to kill, but to consume as well. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

A pleasant little suprise. by UglyBat April 19, 2008 - 11:25 PM PDT
1 out of 1 members found this review helpful
I was quite taken aback after I saw this movie. I was one of the MANY detractors on the internet about this movie. Being a person who is really tired of the horror genre today, and remakes of then only semi-watchable ( The Hitcher,The Fog, When A Stranger Calls) and some downright stenchburgers (Prom Night, Psycho, all J-Horror movies) of originals, it's quite nice to see that at least a couple people are trying to dig some new ideas out of old materials.

It is nearly impossible to discuss a movie without giving some sort of spoilers. While I will try to be as broad as possible for those who would like to see this, I may give away some plot or thematic elements. Now that's done, I shall carry on.

If we were to be thinking relationship to this movies cousin (The Dawn of the Dead remake, which this movie holds much of it's inspiration from.) this movie seems to take place before Dawn of the Dead '04, and can act as a sort of prequel or origin story. It seems to mimic the first Night of the Living Dead's feelings of isolation, which I rather liked anyway so, I say keep it. For those wondering, this movie has RUNNING zombies, can you deal with that? Okay, good.

Alright, I'm bored with typing already. I'll just give my favorite (and least) themes and elements and call it a review. It's hard to be in-depth with an attention span like mine.

Unusual zombies. They run, jump, are very agile, and have a basic grasp of tool use.

Story. It kept me interested pretty much the whole time. With a few dry spots in the beginning and middle.

Action scenes. Competently done, and I was impressed with how Steve Miner was able to use the old Evil Dead/Tarentino-ShakyCam/Jump Cut-dizzying, confuso-style and still manage to show you what's happening on screen.

Characters. While not Bergman creations, I thought the characters in this movie were 3 dimensional enough, and didn't act like idiots to a point I can say I really cared what happened in the end.

Bad points:

The acting. A whole cast of very decent actors, reading their lines with all the emotion of somebody telling you "todays soup specials" but not as enthusiastic about it. I think Ving Rhames was some downers or something. Ed Wood's lines sounding more natural. Which brings me to:

The dialog. Screenwriter Jeffrey Reddick wrote some terribly wooden and unnatural lines. Why didn't Miner just let the actors say something that would be a bit more fluid for themselves? Oh well, can't expect brilliance from the director of Friday The 13th Part 2, can we?

You know, that's about all I can think of. In summation, I think this movie was very well done. It moved briskly, the effects were pulled off with care, and aside from some wooden acting, decent direction too.

I'm going to go ahead and give this movie a recommendation for anyone who doesn't mind remakes, and for those who don't nitpick source to new.

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