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The Lost (2006)

Cast: Marc Senter, Marc Senter, Shay Astar, more...
Director: Chris Sivertson, Chris Sivertson
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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Sony Pictures / Starz
Genre: Drama, Horror, Slashers
Running Time: 119 min.
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A charismatic psycho suspected of killing two innocent campers in a cold-blooded double homicide grows increasingly unstable as his suburban empire starts to crack at the foundations in director Chris Sivertson's adaptation of author Jack Ketchum's chilling take on the 1960s-era Charles Schmid murders. Ray Pye (Chris Senter) may be well out of high school, but the kids in his sleepy town are strangely drawn to the drug-dealing outsider who stuffs cans in his boots to boost his stature and sports pancake make-up to cast a rock-star aura. But Ray Pye isn't just eccentric, he's downright dangerous. It was during a weekend camping excursion with his sometime-girlfriend Jennifer Fitch (Shay Astar) and best pal Tim Best (Alex Frost) that Ray shot a pair of pretty campers simply to satisfy his own morbid curiosity, and after bullying his friends into silence, the case would go strangely unsolved. Despite the fact that one of the girls eventually managed to escape, she lay comatose in the hospital for months on end before eventually succumbing to her wounds. Local detective Charlie Schilling (Michael Bowen) suspected Ray of the crime from the very beginning, and now that the girl has died without being able to identify her killer, Schilling is determined to ensure that justice is served. These days the womanizing Pye has turned his attentions away from Jennifer and toward newly arrived rich girl Katherine Wallace (Robin Sydney) and innocent Sally Richmond (Megan Henning) -- a recent high-school graduate who, unbeknownst to Ray, is involved in a tender May-December romance with retired cop Ed Anderson (Ed Lauter). Now, as Katherine and Sally reject Ray's advances, and Tim and Jennifer's once undying loyalty begins to slip, the increasingly unstable pied piper's fragile ego spirals into an explosive tailspin. With the rage that's bubbling up in Ray threatening to send him on a murderous rampage, Detective Schilling and Ed Anderson desperately attempt to gather the evidence needed to arrest the swaggering psychopath before more lives are lost. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

Yuck. by annepants June 20, 2008 - 11:53 AM PDT
1 out of 3 members found this review helpful
I hated this movie. The acting and the general vibe makes the whole thing feel kinda like a showtime after hours type porno. This is not a horror movie at all. It only kind of becomes a slasher movie at the very very end (oops!). The main character is extremely creepy and disturbing and I suppose that means the actor has done his job well, so I guess it has that going for it. Also, I don't know if this was intentional, but it seems like the sound editing was really f***ed up. I kept having to turn it way down when some psychobilly death metal song would come blaring out of nowhere, and then turn it way way up again whenever there was any kind of dialogue so that I could hear it. Ack. I really didn't like it. Maybe it's because it was like 90 degrees in my house while I was watching it, and the whole movie-watching experience was adding to my overall discomfort. The director seemed like he was trying to something arty with the color red and one of the female characters, I'm not exactly sure what though. The movie felt like it was about 3 hours long, but I guess it was only 119 minutes. Hated it.

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