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Up! (1976)

Cast: Edward Schaaf, Mary Gavin, Su Ling, more...
Director: Russ Meyer
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Studio: Russ Meyer
Genre: Comedies, Parodies, Erotica, Sexploitation
Running Time: 80 min.
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This title is currently out of print.

Nobody is what they seem to be in this dizzying Russ Meyer feature, and everyone is a suspect. The reclusive Adolf Schwartz (Edward Schaaf) pays for weird pansexual pleasures performed by an interracial group of prostitutes. Later, Schwartz (who bears more than a passing resemblance to a more infamous Adolf) is found murdered in his bath, the victim of a hungry piranha. That same morning, Margo Winchester (Raven de la Croix) is jogging on a mountain pass when she's abducted and raped by a local boy. She defends herself and ends up breaking her assailant's neck, an act that is witnessed by state trooper Homer Johnson (Monty Bane). He offers to falsify his report in return for Margo's abundant body, and she enthusiastically accepts. Margo and Homer shack up in his mountain cabin, and he gets her a job at Alice's Cafe, a small-town greasy spoon run by Alice (Janet Wood) and her husband, Paul (Robert McLane). Suddenly business is booming (thanks to Margo's seductive swagger and Mae West impressions) and the trio decide to open a nightclub. Opening night is a smash, until a drunk lumberjack goes ape after witnessing Margo's sultry dance routine. The resulting fracas ends with an axe in Homer's chest and a wild moonlit chainsaw fight. But who murdered Adolf Schwartz? That mystery is solved in not one, but three epilogues which concern the identities of Eva Braun Jr., an undercover police officer and a closet white supremacist, who all fight to the death with a pistol, a dildo, and kung-fu. The action is explained and commented upon by the buxom, perpetually nude Greek Chorus (Francesca 'Kitten' Natividad), who quotes Shakespeare and attempts to raise the story to the level of classic farce. ~ Fred Beldin, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

too much of a good thing... by MrMiscreant February 3, 2004 - 1:38 PM PST
9 out of 11 members found this review helpful
I was digging it for about the first 30 minutes. The gratutious nudity, over the top sex, The mostly non-existent storyline. It was like low budget, late-night Skin-imax soft porn, but good (in a really bad way). There was definitely something cool about it. About half-way though I started to tire of it. There's a definite threshold for jiggling boob flesh. Thankfully the lumberjack bar brawl/rape scene brought me back. The whole was just stupid enough to be good, but after it pretty much went downhill. About 15 more minutes of naked women running around screaming the conclusion to a plot that the movie spent all of 10 minutes on was just too much. I couldn't bring myself to shut it off but I couldn't watch it either. I just turned the volume down and went to make myself a sandwich.

All in all, for the first Russ Meyer I've seen I can't say I'm that impressed. And I tend to enjoy wierd or bad film. I still want to see "Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!", but not in much of a hurry to see anything else by him.

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