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Black Demons (1991)

Cast: Joe Balogh, Joe Balogh, Sonia Curtis, more...
Director: Umberto Lenzi, Umberto Lenzi
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Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Shriek Show
Genre: Horror, Zombies, Italian Horror
Running Time: 88 min.
Languages: English
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Three tourists in Brazil inadvertently get involved in an ancient curse when one of them accepts an amulet of the Macumba loa, Ogum. The trio are a brother and sister and the sister's boyfriend, who foolishly accepted the amulet during a possession ceremony. Not only was he foolish enough to accept a charged amulet, but he even taped the ceremony. This leads to disaster when, after the trio have settled in at an old mansion, he plays the tape back. Out of the ground come six black zombies, bent on revenge for sufferings they endured while living. Each zombie is pledged to kill one white person in repayment for what they endured as slaves. ~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide

GreenCine Member Reviews

I sure like the concept, but... by Brujaria September 28, 2003 - 11:18 AM PDT
3 out of 3 members found this review helpful
I've been obsessed with Italian genre films long before anyone ever conceived of a "DVD" or even imagined that any of this stuff would ever see the light of day on legit US video.
That said, this Umberto Lenzi helmed potboiler is scraping the bottom of the Italian horror barrel (and it is one deep barrel my friend).
Lenzi is usually pretty reliable, but this was made back in the sad days when horror was a dying commodity world-wide and getting financing was difficult, with many of the horror filmmakers hitting Italian TV.
Bearing all that in mind, I give Lenzi credit for actually making movies during that blighted era, but this one is more like Lamberto Bava's lesser outings (I can see some of you cringing), instead of classic Lenzi trash.
The concept is great: set in Brazil, a group of youths fall victim of a voodoo curse that brings six evil slaves (who were blinded and hanged back at the turn of the century) out of their coffins to drag some honkey souls straight to hell.
Sadly, there isn't even much unintentional humor (unlike Lenzi's other Joe Balogh epic Hitcher in the Dark, which is goreless, but hysterical) to bolster the doldrums between infrequent zombie appearances.
When the zombies do appear, they are usually easily scared off by an approaching voice and slip back into the shadows. Only toward the end of the film do we get some pretty impressive gore FX (the meathook in the eye is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser), but it's just not enough to support the rest of the film.
I sure do like the concept though.

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