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.hack//SIGN Ver. 02: Outcast (2003)

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Studio: Bandai
Genre: Anime, Science Fiction Anime
Languages: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English
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This title is currently out of print.

Tsukasa has been captured by the Crimson Knights. Inside, Lady Subaru meets him for the first time. Their meeting is interrupted, as Sora breaks in to free Tsukasa. But the path to freedom is blocked by Crim. After his escape, Tsukasa disappears. Mimiru realizes that she should give up on him, but an adventure with a character called simply A-20 makes her rethink that decision.

As the others discuss Tsukasa, they all begin to agree that perhaps the legendary item called the Key of the Twilight is behind these strange happenings. But there is doubt if it even exists. BT and Crim form a secret partnership to investigate.

Tsukasa, meanwhile, cares for another player's Grunty, and learns something about responsibility in The World.

And all along, the mysterious entity that gave Tsukasa his power says that things are all going according to plan...

GreenCine Member Reviews

Character and relationship drama within a techno mystery by hneline1 May 25, 2003 - 12:35 AM PDT
7 out of 7 members found this review helpful
Ok, NOW I'm really impressed. I thought that the first disk was excellent entertainment but didn't have that extra something to grab me good. With the episodes on this disk, I'm a convert.

.hack//SIGN is a very dialog intensive, character and relationship drama being carried out in the midst of a techno mystery. What caught me most is the depth and individuality of each character -- with every episode, another facet of the main cast gets revealed and even the minor characters are multidimensional with their own motivations and quirks. What caught me next is the interplay between people in The World with their players in real life -- it's becoming more obvious that what we see on the screen is not the only reality (which it would be if this were a pure D&D fantasy anime) as characters disappear for several days because of "real" work or as characters who know each other in the real world bring their drama into The World. On top of this, there is the encompassing question of why Tsukasa can't log out and what is the Key of the Twilight -- like a well-done mystery novel, hints are dropped and we encourage the protagonists as they take each step forward in their investigation, while we ourselves are still uncertain of the impact of this mystery... is it only within The World or does it touch on Real Life?

This anime may not be for everyone, since it does focus on character and mystery while pushing action to the wayside (at least for now). It may not be as mind blowing as Serial Experiments Lain or Neon Genesis Evangelion, which ask questions about God and human existence. But in terms of exploring human relationships and human emotions within a too-close-for-comfort virtual reality, this series is developing very well indeed. I look forward to the next disk!

GreenCine Member Rating

(Average 6.81)
192 Votes
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