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Macross: Vol. 5 (2001)

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Studio: Animeigo
Genre: Anime, Mecha
Running Time: 100 min.
Languages: Japanese
Subtitles: English
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This title is currently out of print.

Episode 17 "Phantasm"

Having been seriously injured in his last battle, Hikaru is lying unconscious in a hospital. Will Hikaru the "Crash King" be able to rescue Minmay from the Zentradi? Can he defeat the evil Kaifun, who won' tlet Minmay date soldiers? Why does Minmay become Misa? Is this all just some horrible dream?

Episode 18 "Pineapple Salad"

Hikaru regains consciousness but is being kept in the hospital for monitoring. His first visitor is Misa, who feels guilty for being responsible for Hikaru's injuries. Roy, Max, and Kakizaki come visit but Hikaru seems terribly depressed, so Roy arranges for a visit from Minmay, who has been busy working on a movie with Kaifun. Milia and her team attack the Macross in order to lure out and battle th emysterious human "ace" pilot, who just happens to be Max. But no one aboard the Macross could ever imagine what will become of this battle.

Episode 19 "Burst Point"

Roy is dead and the crew of the Macross has developed an omnidirectional barrier that can shield the entire ship for a brief period of time. In an attempt to find some way to get the UN government to allow the civilians aboard the Macross to disembark, Global orders a low-altitude flight over a major city. The Ontario Autonomous Region overhears the conversation between Global and High Command and agrees to take the civilians in. Milia informs Lap'lamiz that she wishes to become a miclone spy, and is sent aboard the Macross. But when the Macross is almost to its destination, Kamjin orders an all-out attack on the space battleship, with tragic results.

Episode 20 "Paradise Lost"

The explosion of the barrier system has not only destroyed most of Kamjin'sfleet but decimated a nearby earth city and claimed the life of Kakizaki as well. Now no one will accept the Macross' civilians. In the Zentradi camp, Bodolzaa reinstates Britai as commander of the Zentradi forces neart the Earth. The miclone spies Roli, Warera, and Konda return to report to their commander. Not only do they report to Britai and Exedol, but they save some of the items they brought back from the Macross to show other Zentradi soldiers. Meanwhile, the Macross is ordered to leave Earth space as soon as they finish taking on supplies from UN Spacy. Global regretfully informs the citizens onboard the Macross of the order as, once again, the Macross leaves it homeworld.

Vol. 5 contains episodes 17-20:

  • Phantasm
  • Pineapple Salad
  • Burst Point
  • Paradise Lost

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